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Alkaline Diet Foods : Can A Crafty Herpes Virus Be Conquered?

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  • All over the globe, Millions of people are following a strict alkaline Diet Plan to get the maximum alkalinity for their body.
  • Mike Condron answered a question on Quora where he explained that pH 13 can immediately kill all the pathogens no matter if it is HSV1 or HSV2.
  • What if the Physician somehow medically injects Alkalinity in your body, will that work?

Does an alkaline diet establish a healthy environment in a body to kill chronic ailment like Herpes Simplex Infection? Can it increase the blood’s pH level and make the body sufficiently Alkaline? Does science back the Alkaline Diet and its concepts in treating Herpes infection? And the most crucial concern is, can Human body endure optimum alkalinity? 

These are incredibly big questions to appraise the viability of Alkaline diet.

Said questions have attracted researchers to conduct studies to analyze the veracity behind alkaline diet regimen. Myriads of studies are conducted that helped researchers reveal necessary information we require.

We thoroughly examined reputed resources, Studies, research books, and Google scholars to extract the authoritative details about Alkaline diet. Let’s start with the meaning of Alkaline diet. 

What Is an Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline diet is basically a concept of encouraging foods that are alkaline in nature but dispromoting acidic foods. Acidic foods are considered unhealthy and thought to be responsible for disease causing environment in the body.

Some less common terms used for alkaline diet are Alkaline ash diet and Alkaline acid-diet. Proponents of alkaline diet believe it to have pH increasing functionality that eradicates almost all chronic ailments including Herpes infection and Cancer. 

They also have the conception that eating alkaline diet foods can alter the pH level to maximum alkalinity. 

If you want to measure the alkalinity of anything, you will have to measure it on the pH scale which ranges from 1 to 14. The pH 1 means extremely acidic and pH 14 is highly basic. The pH 7 is measured neutral. 

The normal pH level of the Human body scales between 7.35 to 7.45 which is slightly alkaline. The body of the human strictly applies those functionalities that regulate pH level of the body. Lungs play a major role in regulating pH value of the body by exhaling CO2 gas. Kidney plays a helping hand for lungs in maintaining the normal pH level of the body by excreting acid or alkalinity in the blood. 

All the body parts of Human don’t share a similar amount of pH value. You may find the stomach environment highly acidic somewhere between 1.5 to 3.5 whereas blood’s pH value remains between 7.35 to 7.45 which is a little alkaline.

Does Acidic Environment Cause Herpes Virus Intrusion?

Anthony Nicola, a Virologist of Washington state University, has spent over 25 years on researching Herpes Virus. Virologist Nicola explains how Herpes Virus uses low pH value to infect human host cells. 

While entering the human host cells, Herpes virus looks for a low pH value in the body so that it can abandon it’s ship. Doing so, it protects itself from being killed by Lysosomes. This suggests that the invasion of Herpes Virus could happen via a low pH route.

Anthony Nicola, A Virologist of Washington State University

Epithelial cell is a source point for the primary HSV infection that supports HSV entry via acidic pH environment. Myriad studies confirmed that the Human Herpes Virus increasingly uses Endosomal’s acidic pH to enter into the host body.  Above said evidence validates that acidic pH of your body plays a vital role in herpes virus entry. 

Conditions That Can Lead To Imbalances pH

First of all, the human body goes to an extent to maintain a healthy pH level in the body. Until there are incorrects in you, your body will maintain functional pH level. However, there are some conditions where you might face difficulties in regulating pH value. 

Acidosis is an undesirable condition where your lungs and kidney fails in regulating the right amount of pH value. This could raise life threatening conditions.

Alkalosis is another way your body can get the wrong amount of pH value accumulated. This condition generally presents when your blood experiences the decreased amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2). It can also take place if there is a high bicarbonate stored up in the blood. 

Is Maximum Alkalinity Offers A Fix For Herpes Simplex Infection?

Broccoli is one of the most revered alkaline foods which can help balancing the pH level of your body with an extensive approach to offer lysine benefits.

All over the globe, Millions of people are following a strict alkaline Diet Plan to get the maximum alkalinity for their body. The premise behind this is that alkaline diet foods can raise alkalinity and will extirpate all the diseases that might have presence in their body.

However, we know that the human body is slightly alkaline in nature but still, herpes virus affects humanity. It indicates that the virus can survive in a slightly alkaline environment. But, if we raise pH value to maximum, nothing will live, neither pathogens nor cancerous cells.

Mike Condron answered a question on Quora where he explained that  pH 13 can immediately kill all the pathogens no matter if it is HSV1 or HSV2. He is an M.D. of Medicine at Meharry Medical College. 

But, here’s two critical questions staring at us. 

Can physicians use maximum alkalinity to kill herpes virus?

Whether Body’s pH value be tempered through the alkaline diet meal plan?

The next paragraph will help you comprehend why maximum alkalinity is not an answer to herpes virus eradication.

Can Alkaline Diet Change pH Of Your Body?

Our body, as I earlier said strictly regulates the pH between 7.35 to 7.45. Either side of deviation may represent some critical incorrects in you. 

Scientific evidence for supporting Alkaline diet meal plan for Increasing pH value is none. Many studies concluded to have no significant effects of Alkaline foods on the body’s pH level. Anything you eat will definitely have no impact on the pH of blood. 

However, it can to some extent, increase the urine pH value but, that too the fluctuation will not be so significant.

If you eat acid forming foods, your urine pH value will remain acidic conversely, eating alkaline foods might increase pH level of your urine. But, under no conditions the alkaline diet will change your body’s pH value.

There might be a question rounding in your mind. What if the Physician somehow medically injects Alkalinity in your body, will that work?

The straightforward answer is a big No. The sooner your body’s pH deviates from either side, the earlier you will find yourself amid many health complications. However, maximum alkalinity will definitely kill all herpes viruses present in you but, it will certainly kill you too. Human body can’t endure either side of pH deviation. 

Hence, it would be like jumping from a frying pan into the fire. You will definitely not want to kill yourself in a process of eradicating herpes virus out from your body. 

Is Alkaline Diet Foods Useless For Herpes Infection?

The very essential fact you require to perceive that Herpes virus flares-up in certain conditions. Those conditions could be your decreased immune response or excess psychological distress. 

Alkaline diet may not increase the alkalinity of the body but can surely help you get those essential nutrients that can assist your immune system to be a deterrent for herpes virus. 

An alkaline diet is thought to be healthy and promotes intake of raw vegetables, fruits and other healthy plant based foods. It restricts its proponents not to intake processed and junk foods.  It also encourages high intake of water that helps hydrate the body.

For this reason the viability of an Alkaline diet foods never be questioned.

Many studies concluded that following an Alkaline Diet meal plan can reduce morbidity and mortality from chronic ailments including Herpes Simplex Virus. 

The Conclusive Note

Alkaline diet is evidently helping people in many ways but not in the way its proponents believe. It does not improve the pH levels of the body but provides various nutritional values that help fighting with infections like herpes simplex infection. It is certainly a good source to improve the immune function and reduce inflammation.

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