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Alternative Herpes Treatment

Alternative Herpes Treatment: Finding The Possibilities In Ayurveda

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  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) now has started an initiative to furnish an equal opportunity to alternative therapy.
  • WHO recommends the use of Ayurveda wherever it is required.
  • It is said to be a potential healing agent for multiple chronic ailments, even if it is Herpes.

Ayurveda, from its existence, is benefiting humans to gain longevity, outwit illnesses and prevent diseases that abuse humans.

With more than 5000 years of its life,

It is one of the ancient healing systems. It holds viability even in the 21st century and even primarily used for herpes treatment.

It is an era where specialists have started giving preferences to alternative and complementary modalities of the treatment.

The failure of mainstream medicine in curing chronic ailments has empowered people to update their preferable treatment options. One more factor that helped Ayurveda to revamp is the associated adverse effects of toxic medications.

World’s healthcare system is witnessing the patient’s inclination towards alternative treatment, especially Ayurveda and Conventional Chinese Medicines.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) now has started an initiative to furnish an equal opportunity to alternative therapy. WHO recommends the use of Ayurveda wherever it is required. 

Though Ayurveda has a reach to heal a broad range of ailments, we will talk about its relevance in treating the Herpes Simplex Infection.

Why Might You Need Alternative Herpes Treatment?

Herpes is an annoying entity containing the skill to terrorize humans. It comes and goes your entire life, produces outbreaks, and leaves you with blisters, cold sores, pain, mental trauma, and other miseries.

Herpes antivirals like Acyclovir is often considered safe to use, but reports have shown the toxicity and resistance both in it. Moreover, the viral presence and the destruction of immune cells by heavy antiviral load downgrade the immune potential making people more susceptible to herpes suffering.

The worst thing that herpes infection has displayed to Humanity is, being eternal. The disease is teasing modern medical science, but science has no answer in reply. Medical science can only stop them from doing filthy things to prevent herpes breakouts.

To prevent outbreaks, a herpes patient has to unwillingly embrace the life-long dosage of Acyclovir and other herpes medications. Continuous antiviral dosing regimen increases the likeliness of viral resistance by manifolds.

Even if we forget the adverse effects and toxicity of herpes medications for a while but, the tolerance nature of Herpes must need attention. You surely don’t want to be the host who takes Antivirals for herpes management, but it returns you nothing.

The Concept Of Ayurveda For Herpes Treatment

Ayurveda is a deeply rooted Indian medicinal system, has been used for ages to gain internal strength.

It is said to be a potential healing agent for multiple chronic ailments, even if it is Herpes. Though, the scientific data is limited but backs Ayurveda for its efficacy on herpes healing. Some experimental data prevails herbs that are scientifically verified and have a broad spectrum of pharmacological actions against Herpes.

Let’s see some studies that support Ayurvedic Herbs for herpes infection.

Azadirachta Indica

In a study, Azadirachta Indica AZ (Neem) vigorously examined to detect whether or not; it has anti-herpetic potential. Some other herbs also tested for the same purpose, and those include Ocimum sanctum and Punica granatum. All herbs examined by taking into account the belief of Ayurveda.

Azadirachta Indica and other mentioned herbs exhibited strong viral-impeding potential. Azadirachta Indica possesses blood purification agents that help accelerate wound healing.

If we attend to another examination, the crude extract of Azadirachta Indica showed its potential to absorb viruses. It also impedes the herpes virus to disseminate to other healthy cells.

Sources confirm to have an abundance of antioxidants in it, and that it strengthens the internal defense mechanism to deal with infections like Herpes.

Tinospora Cordifolia

Tinospora Cordifolia (TC), which is otherwise we can call Giloy or Guduchi is an Ayurvedic plant. It is widely hailed for its potent immune-stimulator action.

Scientists have successfully extracted active compounds from Giloy like lactones, steroids, alkaloids, and glycosides, which are imperative compounds to feed immune-supporting cells.

Additionally, further inspection done to Tinospora Cordifolia divulged active viral-inhibitory activities that disallow the herpes virus to replicate its DNA.

Azadirachta Indica and Tinospora Cordifolia are mere examples to consider the potency of Ayurveda. Thousands of herbs are awaiting their introduction against Herpes.

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The Future Of Ayurveda In Herpes Treatment

Ayurveda And Alternative Herpes Treatment go Hand to Hand When We Are in A Condition Like Herpes. IMG Credit: Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

Ayurveda holistically approaches to all ailments with taking the immune system in confidence.

Without causing significant adverse effects, its restorative feature increases the body’s endurance to let it naturally fight off with pathogens like the Herpes virus. With the exceptional merit to enhance the quality of life, Ayurveda is redefining the prospect of optimal healing.

Ayurveda has a back of potent medicinal herbs that are capable of helping you live life to the fullest.

The truth is that Ayurveda is a total science of life. If the future of Ayurvedic or Natural herpes treatment seems bright, you can give credit to the following factors.

As far as the question of Ayurveda’s future in herpes treatment is concerned, you may be knowing that people all over the globe are tilting to Natural healing.

It relatively offers cost-effective herpes treatment; hence, the financial burden does not affect people a lot. The therapeutic potential without exhibiting adverse effects is the feature idolized by millions.

Our Experts View: Ayurveda Or Orthodox Treatment? 

In spite of this that medical science is continuously failing to snatch herpes cure from the dark; it is still holding the dignity of mainstream treatment. Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and antiviral ointments benefit in herpes management by subsiding clinical features.

But, the medicines mentioned above have limitations; they can’t be a reason for a herpes termination.

Still, Herpes patients are entirely relying on Orthodox treatment as they offer relief forthwith. The over-reliance is assisting the Herpes virus in replicating their immune DNAs to antivirals.

Available scientific data indicates that the Herpes Virus is gradually becoming tolerant to present antivirals.

Though Acyclovir usually does not allow Herpes to be tolerant, but, few instances have been observed.

On the other hand, facilitating herpes infection by taking Ayurveda in confidence can make life easy to live. The amalgamation of natural and potent herbs help your body restore lost internal strength.

Ayurveda assimilates some mixture of herbs that detoxify your body and correct blood vitiation caused by HSV.


Both (Ayurveda and Allopathy) treatments are crucial to herpes treatment. Ayurveda relatively takes much time than herpes antivirals to heal, but regular consumption may help you fortify your body. 

Both treatment methods have their pros and cons. Hence the amalgamation of both can be a great choice. Take a visit to your physician and ask before you consider both treatments simultaneously. 

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