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Herpes Genitalis

Disease Of Billions: Genital Herpes In Men & Women

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  • Studies imply that women are comparatively more susceptible to genital herpes than men.
  • Protected sex does not guarantee full protection from this virus.
  • A baby can be born with genital herpes if the transmission of HSV2 occurs during childbirth.

Irrespective of gender, the human Herpes virus attacks men and women globally. With more than billions of its carriers, it is perhaps a single most disease that has that big number.

According to the source “World Health Organisation (WHO),” nearly 67% of the world population aged 0 to 49 years had Oral Herpes Infection in 2016. The estimation also advanced further when WHO states that about 13% of the global population aged 15 to 49 years had Genital herpes in the same year.

America shares a handsome number of herpes cases in the world’s population. About 48% of common Americans were holding the Human Herpes Simplex Virus 1 in 2015-16 and for genital herpes the numbers were around 12% of total Population.

A large proportion of Herpes patients in America are asymptomatic, they don’t have any discomfort or pain or noticeable symptoms. They are the super spreader of genital herpes in men and also in women. 

Genital Herpes: How Much Do You Know

Genital herpes is a chronic infection of genitals that characteristically pops mild to acute symptoms in men and women. The Sexual transfer of Herpes Virus is super common hence abstinence is advisable. 

Either type of Herpes (HSV1 Or HSV2) strains can cause symptoms of genital Herpes in Women. Women may find genital infection on or near the genitals. Vagina, Urethra, Anus, Labia, Vulva, Pubic, and Cervix can appear to be susceptible to Genital Herpes.

Thigh, Butt and groin area can also provide a favorable environment for Herpes Virus to flourish the infection. Herpes inside vagina occasionally represents acute infection. The symptoms of genital herpes in women can remain mild to severe or sometimes asymptomatic.

women are comparatively more susceptible to genital herpes than men
women are comparatively more susceptible to genital herpes than men

Studies imply that women are comparatively more susceptible to genital herpes than men. But, men are more likely to suffer from recurrent genital herpes outbreaks than women. 

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV2) also makes men ill with its characteristic symptoms. When genital herpes affects men, it involves several genital parts. 

Though the Herpes on penis is often seen in most cases, but, the association of urethra, scrotum, and, anus makes the infection worse. Herpes bumps on buttock is a sign that buttock is dealing with herpes strain. Like women, men can also get genital herpes lesion on the thigh and surroundings. 

The Mode Of Genital Herpes Transmission | How Contagious Is It?

The Human Herpes Virus rapidly replicates its DNA in the human body and causes fever blisters and Herpes sores. These manifestations make herpes carriers super contagious to the community. Herpes Virus is uncannily infectious as it is illuminated that even if the herpes patient does not have any symptoms, it can still pass one to another. The viral shedding of the virus makes people be the victim of the virus.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease meaning that it can transmit through penile-vaginal insertion. Protected sex does not guarantee you full protection from this virus then you can measure your HSV2 risk from unprotected sex. 

Oral sex is another mode of genital herpes transmission in man and women. If you perform oral sex someone with Oral herpes, you will be screwed up. 

A baby can be born with genital herpes if the transmission of HSV2 occurs during childbirth. 

Please note that it is very unlikely to get the genital herpes by sharing utensils, towels, or even sharing the toilet. You may not catch Genital Herpes by touching Door knobs, or sharing bed sheets. 

The use of barriers like condoms and a regimen of suppressive antiviral therapy substantially reduce the transmission rate of Genital Herpes in both men and women.

HSV2 Symptoms in Men and Women

A great proportion of Genital Herpes carriers cope aggressively with herpes virus making it harder for the herpes virus to cause symptoms. Sometimes, herpes patients don’t ever know that they are infected with Herpes Virus. 

However, there may occur some circumstances where the immunity of Herpes patients find difficulty in dealing with this infection. This circumstance gives rise to the first Herpes outbreak in women & men. 

Genital Herpes infection is associated with a broad range of characteristic symptoms. The occurrence of genital herpes symptoms widely fluctuates person to person depending upon individuals immune response. Whether you have primary infection or recurrent, both can set up the severity of Genital Herpes Symptoms.

The primary genital herpes outbreak often sets up acute appearance of symptoms in both men and women. 

The Symptoms

Studies indicate that half of herpes patients face prodromal symptoms (Signs before herpes outbreak). Most people who get prodromal symptoms experience tingling and burning sensation on the genitals. Sometimes itching sensation and radiating pain can also represent herpes prodrome. These are early stages in female and male both.

When the prodromal period lapses, genital herpes allows herpes sores to appear on vagina or on the penis head. Popping up these sores can cause extreme pain and will take more time to heal. 

The symptoms of genital herpes in women may appear as painful urination, fluid-filled blisters, and difficulty in urination. Genital Herpes inside Vagina  occasionally causes vaginal discharge. 

“The First Herpes Outbreak In Female Tends To Be More Severe Than Men.”

In men, the fluid-filled blisters normally appears on the penis head which may disseminate to the other parts like groin, Urethra, and thigh. Herpes Bumps on buttock is a common appearance in response to genital herpes. 

Anal part of both women and men can receive painful lesion accompanied with occasional bleeding. Swollen lymph nodes sometimes represent HSV dictation. 

Apart from  above-appeared HSV 2 symptoms, it is common to have flu-like symptoms. Headache, Fever, Malaise, Tiredness, and Lack of Energy may indicate the Virus presence. They often appear in the early stage of herpes in women and men. Herpes on buttock often incorporates Herpes Bumps and blisters. 

Herpes Genitalis In Women During Pregnancy

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG), an estimation of 1 in five pregnant women are coping with Herpes. Most of them give birth to healthy babies. Some pregnancies  result in HSV 2 transmission in neonates resulting in herpes in babies.

Contracting with Genital Herpes late in pregnancy poses a great threat to neonates. Your neonate can develop the fatal neonatal infection if exposed to the strain during birth. 

Fortunately, the transmission rate of HSV 2 with secondary herpes outbreak is as low as 1%. But, primary genital herpes outbreak bounces the transmission rate up to 50 percent which is extremely high in numbers. 

With primary genital herpes outbreaks, the cesarean section of delivery is advisable in most cases. If the infection occurs in the early stages of the pregnancy, the suppressive therapy regimen may substantially lower the risk of transmission. 

The Scope Of Available Treatment

A treatment to completely eradicate Herpes Virus is yet most awaited. The current treatment is followed just to manage the severity of genital Herpes symptoms. Available treatment is also used by many to prevent the subsequent outbreaks of this infection. 

Since the cause of herpes is a Virus, some specific antivirals are used to mitigate the severity of Genital Herpes infection in men and women. 

A daily dosing regimen of Acyclovir is advisable to suppress the symptoms. Herpes inside Vagina is usually treated with the combination of antivirals and supportive medicines such as pain killers. The same treatment can be applied in severe cases of Herpes on penis head. 

Secondary herpes outbreaks normally treated easily with antivirals like acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famvir. But, first herpes outbreak causes severe symptoms such as herpes lesion, herpes bumps, and shooting pain. They often take time to resolve than recurrent herpes outbreak. 

One should be aware of the overuse of antivirals as HSV can adapt to the antivirals and become resistant to it. Those who have weak immunity and people with HIV AIDS are vulnerable to develop this condition more often.

Does Natural Genital Herpes Treatment/Home Remedy Work?

Herpes is an infection that persists for good, no herpes cure is available yet. While the mainstream treatment is still antiviral therapy, one can choose to opt the secondary remedial agent to outwit the virus. 

You may have read that Herpes attacks if immunity allows. Your immunity allows only if they are unable to fight the virus. This circumstance occurs when your immunity for some reasons gets weakened. 

Natural Herpes Treatment can help your immunity gain required strength to curb the virus. If you are already coping with the outbreak, some home remedies for herpes may  work nicely.

Ways to naturally counter herpes infection
Ways to naturally counter herpes infection

You can choose to apply ice packs on your affected area to ease the symptoms and pain. Many people reported it effective in mitigating the cold sore and fever blisters. 

Lightly salted water can also help mitigate the symptoms of Genital Herpes. What you need to do is bathing on lightly salted water. 

Genital herpes infection in women sometimes gives rise to painful urination. Applying lidocaine at home will numb the affected area and will block the pain. 

Stress management is a crucial thing for herpes patients to outwit the infection. Try to learn techniques that may help you relieve stress.

FAQs About Genital Herpes

What are the first signs of herpes?

Genital herpes infection in most instances gives warning signs before it causes outbreak. If Herpes virus activates,  your body may let you experience itching, burning and tingling sensations. After that, you are most likely to experience flu-like symptoms which coexist with Herpes bumps and fluid-filled blisters. 

What Causes Genital Herpes Outbreak?

Herpes Simplex Virus lies dormant into the nerve cells and becomes active under certain conditions. The low immune system is the typical cause of herpes outbreaks. It is possible to get the herpes flare-up after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Too much stress and other psychological conditions have connections in causing genital herpes outbreaks in men and women. Certain illnesses may also put you on a risk to develop the HSV 2 symptoms. 

Will Genital Herpes Go Away For Good?

Once you become the carrier of Genital Herpes, you will have to live with it until you die. No cure for herpes is yet available. However, the symptoms of genital herpes will go away within 2-3 weeks with a proper treatment regimen. 

When Genital Herpes Is Contagious?

The answer of this question might disturb you. Studies confirmed that a Genital Herpes is all the time contagious even if no symptoms are visible. It is highly contagious when there is an active outbreak. Open sores contain high volumes of HSV 2 virus that can easily pass if you are involved in sexual activity. Abstinence from sexual activities is the best thing you can do to avoid getting the virus.

Where Does Genital Herpes Appear?

Genital Herpes defines an infection of genitals in men and women. It often appears on genital parts such as inside vagina, on the penis head, urethra, thigh, buttock, anus and groin. Certain other genital parts may also involve. 

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