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Is Herpes Curable? Unearthing The Veracity Behind Herpes Cure

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  • Herpes virus has an incredible potential to trick the immune system.
  • Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, an Orlando based urologist, said “the mechanism of herpes virus makes it tolerable to immune system.

If it comes to a sensitive matter where people’s emotions, health, or even entire life is connected, the truth be told. It would be an unethical act if the information providing source delivers fact-less information or hide reality in any manner. It would be like making patients more vulnerable to complications and psychological issues.

Herpes cure is an enormously search-term over the internet (Google). People do search it because they think they can find a solid piece of information that holds credibility. The information that they can trust and assimilate in their lives. But, not every time people get credible information.

We (Herpes Cure Care) want to be your reliable hand of information. We always try to deliver the best information about this pesky disease.

Is Herpes Curable? Let’s Find Out

Herpes Virus is a DNA microbe responsible for exhibiting cold sore, fever blisters, severe pain, and other associated symptoms. Two types of infection may appear in response to this transmissible pathogen. Herpes Labialis, otherwise known as oral herpes, primarily aggravated by HSV1. Herpes genitalis is commonly a sign of HSV 2 intrusion.

In a study, experts found structural details of herpesvirus. What they found is frightening. Herpes virus has an incredible potential to trick the immune system.

Scientists found that it shields itself in a protein, blocking the pathway of the immune system, which helps it identifying the foreign intrusion. The internal defense mechanism (Immune System) does not recognize the shielded herpes virus. Hence, it does not see the herpes virus as an invader.

This is how the herpes virus tricks the immune system.

Above study is taken place at Rockefeller University (New York), under the structural biologist’s team.

One of the biologists, Jue Chen, says, “this is how stubborn pathogen like herpes infection take over immunity.”

This study also reveals that once the herpes virus finds a way to get in the body, it remains for good.

Now an essential question arises here; is herpes curable?

Well, in this regard, we are sorry to say, but, the concept of herpes cure is just a myth. Neither the herpes genitalis is curable, nor has it preventive measures like a vaccine.

The intricate structure of the herpes virus is not thoroughly understood by Health care professionals yet. This might be a factor that does not let health care professionals find a cure. They are giving a chase to Herpes Cure for a long time but, the hand is still empty.

Herpes Cure is a Long Chase, yet the Vaccination is Not Available

“The concept of vaccination is first introduced in the 18th century by India and China.” Said a Scholar Ole Lund. It was documented for accessing the prevention from Smallpox.

Since, its inception, it has done an excellent job in preventing mild to life-threatening ailments. World health organization has listed 26 preventable diseases. (See the Full List Here).

Vaccination provides an excellent protective shield against myriads of pathogens. But, not for herpesvirus, unfortunately.

Scientists have attempted many types of research in pursuit of herpes vaccination, but every investigation is turned into disappointments.

A clinical trial initiated with big hope in 2017. Initially, the research has shown some positive signs, but the later stage of this trial, the hopes were faded down. The result does not come as anticipated by the researchers.

President at Vical Incorporated, V. Samant, said in a press release, “Highly desperate with the result. Based upon outcomes, we are terminating the HSV-2 program”.

Above clinical trial was performed to develop a vaccine for herpes genitalis.

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, an Orlando based urologist, said “the mechanism of herpes virus makes it tolerable to immune system. Herpes virus has learned ways to bypass the immune response, making it very hard to develop a vaccine or a cure for herpes.

In Spite of countless failed attempts and disappointments, health care professionals will continue moving on to achieve what they have initiated. Herpes Cure Care team is optimistic to present trials going on in this field.

What Can a Herpes Patient Do in the absence of Herpes Cure And Vaccination

The need is the mother of all findings. We need unmet herpes genitalis cure; we will get it sooner or later. The management of herpes is the only ray of hope for herpes sufferers until an effective solution is discovered.

Clinical management of herpes is widely available via FDA approved antivirals and ointments. One daily dose of Valacyclovir or Acyclovir appeared utmost in the control of herpes genitalis.

Yet, they are not safe for longer run as these antivirals impacts several organs. Acyclovir is readily available in its generic formulations.

A prodrug of penciclovir recognized as Famciclovir is drug primarily used to manage shingles (Herpes Zoster). We have a separate descriptive guide to Herpes Zoster. You can access that part as well through “5 Harsh Realities about Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus“In genital herpes management, Penciclovir is the most reliable option to tap.

Famciclovir is an expansive and less frequently antiviral compound when we compare it to Acyclovir.

Antiviral ointments also play a big role in healing lesions, wounds, and cold sores. It reduces the healing time of cold sores and also mitigates pain and itchiness.

Health Care professionals advise herpes patients to promptly response to herpes prodrome. Studies found the patient who starts the herpes treatment regimen right after symptoms appearance is less likely to develop a secondary infection.

Suppressive therapy and chronic suppressive therapy may require by a herpes sufferer in response to recurrent herpes outbreaks.

Many people have learned ways to manage herpes infection at home by some home remedies. Cold compression is prominent among other remedial home agents.

The Right Time To Start Herpes Treatment

Your body starts deteriorating after the herpes virus becomes live in your cells. The active virus then causes infection, and the disease gradually starts producing signs of herpes. This stage is crucial for an FDA approved treatment regimen.

If you failed to take the treatment within the given period, you might develop a secondary infection. It often onsets more complexities than primary infection.

If you are having the experience of following herpes sufferings, you need to consult your GP for an appropriate treatment regimen.

Right time to start herpes medication
Right time to start herpes medication

Red dots on the skin may be a gesture of Herpes cold sores. These red dots may contain fluids with millions of herpes virus in there.
Herpes patients also have a complaint that the herpes virus exhibited vaginal burning after sex. The burning vagina may also appear during urination.

HSV 2 sometimes causes contagious rashes around the genitals. However, rashes may be for other reason except for herpes.

In men, the sore penis might have a connection to HSV infection.


As being a DNA Virus, it never goes from the body. Health care professionals are making efforts to find a cure, but no success in hand yet.

Herpes is an obstinate virus having the potential to exhibit periodic outbreaks. In spite of herpes is not curable, the right treatment regimen is highly efficacious.

When it comes to herpes management, the prompt action should be the priority. Doing this may reduce the time of symptoms by up to 4 days.

FDA has approved Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Valtrex, and Famciclovir drugs for herpes management and must be in your treatment regimen.

Several studies are under process for developing safe and effective vaccination. We hope the good news is coming soon.

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