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Is Pollen Count on the rise? Handle it with these ways

Pollen Count

A huge problem for patients of seasonal allergies is that they have to take care of themselves when the pollen count is on the rise. There are several ways through which you can handle the tough situation. One of the methods is to use the best allergy medicine for pollen, but there are other approaches by which you can avoid the dangerous pollen during the peak seasons.

What is Pollen Count?

Pollens are microscopic grains that have are course and powdery. The male reproductive system of plants releases these pollens into the air, which is then captured by the female part of the plant. As a result, germination starts, and the plants can grow in quantity.

Mostly during the spring and very rare in autumn, the number of pollen increases and spread across vast areas and very quickly. The number of count of pollens that is the air in one cubic meter is known as pollen count. The immunity system of many people recognizes these pollens as a threat to the body, so the body severely reacts to it.

How Can it Be Measured?

There are two ways by which the pollen count is measured. Firstly, a silicon rod that is covered with grease is circled through the air. The samples are gathered repeatedly throughout the day. Then the silicon rod is given to the laboratory to analyze the amount of pollen collected.

The second method is to use a Burkard Trap. It is a device that pumps air into it when placed in the direction of the wind. It collects pollen from the air, but it takes seven days to collect the sample.

At What Time It is the Highest?

The warmer area of the country where there is little or no rain at all has a high count of pollen. It should also be noted that the morning and dusk times are the peaks for spreading of the pollen. Typically the worst time to go out if you have seasonal allergies is from 5 am to 10 am.
Do these things during High Pollen Count:

Atlanta Allergy Clinic is one of many facilities that always keep an eye on the pollen counts every day. At the same time, the allergists there help the patients by giving them the following advice on how to behave when the pollen count is the highest.

Keep a Check on Pollen Count

There are many sources by which you can know the approximate quantity of pollen in any given day. You can check for the pollen count one various television channels, many radio stations transmit the news, the newspapers have it written, and interne has a diversified range of websites that have this information. So be aware of the count every day if you have to go outdoors.

Take the Best Allergy Medicine for Pollen:

The allergist must have given you medication for your allergy; so it is vital that you take it on the recommended timing and most importantly, before you go out for any recreation or doing a job. The medicine can act as a precaution when going outdoors.

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Keep Yourself Indoor

If there is no need to go in open areas during the peak times of seasonal allergies; then you must at all cost avoid it. If the weather is warmer than other days and wind is breezy then keep yourself inside to be safe.
Wait for the correct time of the day:

It has been discussed earlier the ideal time for the people to go out if it is unavoidable. Another thing that can be done is to keep a check on the count of pollen throughout the day.

Learn About the Allergen

Sometimes the pollen is not the allergen you are allergic to but can make the reaction worse. Look out for the combination of the allergen and pollen that can increase the symptoms to a life-threatening situation.

Keep the Pandora Box closed

Opening the windows and doors will allow the pollen to enter the house; this is like a Pandora box which releases the severe reaction of allergies. So to keep the box closed, the doors and windows must be shut when the pollen is at the highest level.

Take Baths at Night

It is crucial to removing the pollen particle that can be stuck on your body. Taking a shower at Night can wash away any irritant. Also, keep your clothes clean by regularly washing them.
Prevent Dust and Allergens:

Dust is the most dangerous enemy of seasonal allergies. It makes the condition deteriorate and affects the health of the patient. Use equipment like a vacuum cleaner to clean the air and keep the dust at bay.

Be Equipped with Protective Gears

When going outside, make sure that you are wearing clothes that cover all parts of your body. At many times the pollen can come in contact with the skin and cause the reaction. But don’t forget to wear masks to protect the air passage against pollen.

Pollen Vaccine is a Good Cure

The Best Allergy Medicine for Pollen that can be great fighting against seasonal allergies is the pollen vaccines. It is advantageous to prevent further harm for the pollen outside.

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