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Herpes Diet

The Lost Art of Effective Herpes Diet Re-Planned in 2020

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  • Herpes diet is one of the crucial chains in herpes management.
  • L-lysine is one of the most essential amino acids. Your body can’t produce this essential amino acid.
  • Below we will be telling you the top 10 foods that are high in Lysine.

The enhancement of the immune response to pathogens is a necessary practice to grip-control over chronic viral infections. Herpes diet may come healthy enhancement to immune.

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic viral condition like herpes, there must be a stride in execution from your side to enhance your immune response.

We solicit advice from you in the “Comment” section about the steps being executed by you to boosting your immune system. This action will help us improve this article, and one of your comments will get the chance to get featured in this article.

In this piece of information, we dedicatedly are up for helping you with the Herpes Diet.

Herpes diet is one of the crucial chains in herpes management, which is often overrun. Our aim here would be to tell you about the potential benefits of effective herpes diet.

We will also be showing you an infographic explaining the DOs and Don’ts if you are a host of Herpes Simplex Virus.

To further assist with this article, we recommend you to read our Explanatory article on “Antiviral Herbs Based Analysis.” This article will give you a strong comprehension of Antiviral Herbs and their proper use in Herpes Infection.

A Quick Overview: Herpes Diet Chart

Making a Good Thing of Amino Acid

Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of a specific amino acid in the treatment, reduction of recurrence, decreasing the severity and reduction of healing time.

A multi-centered trial of oral L Lysine Monohydrochloride in response to recurrences of the outbreak put straight into order. A total of 27 herpes patients (6 male and 21 female) were in the group of the trial.

They subjected to administer L Lysine Hydrochloride tablets (1000 mg L-lysine per dose) for six continuous months. After six months, they were tested for clinical manifestations of herpes response, and the result of the test demonstrated the significant efficacy of the amino acid, L-lysine.

L-lysine is one of the most essential amino acids. Your body can’t produce this essential amino acid. Though it is vital for our body, we have to ingest L-lysine through alternative ways. There are several dozens of food high in Lysine that needs to be eyed on. Below we will be telling you the top 10 foods that are high in Lysine.

Top 10 Foods High in Lysine: Herpes Diet

#1 Parsley

Parsley is a flowering plant often used for garnishing purposes, but it has more value than onlying the beauty on the dining table. It is believed to have the highest lysine values than any other herb on the planet. One tablespoon (100 gm) of Parsley contains as much as 3115 mg of Lysine which is adequate to fulfill the lysine needs of the body. Lysine helps to slow down the absorption of arginine,

which is known to create a favorable environment for the herpes virus to replicate their genes. Hence, It helps protect our body from being hit by the chronic activation of the herpes virus.

How to Consume?

Boil a cup of water. Now take a mug and put a quarter cup of chopped Parsley into it. Pour the boiled water into the mug and let it steep for 5 minutes. For strong tea, you can prefer steeping it for 10 minutes as well. Now strain the leaves and filter. Your Parsley tea is ready to aid your immune.

#2 Seaweed

seaweed for herpes
seaweed for herpes

Lysine for genital herpes and cold sores under herpes diet is one of the essential elements which needs the attention of the herpes patient.

Seaweed may aid the absorption of essential nutrients in the body, such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc.

It has a very high amount of Lysine (3025 mg per 100 gm serving) ready to put you into a favorable battle zone against the herpes virus. Seaweeds grown in the sea and are an ideal source of food for marine life. Henceforth, seaweed may offer you a high dose of Lysine which in course going to put your immune to the peak.

How to Consume?

Salads are the most popular ways to include seaweeds into your Herpes diet. You can use any green veggies along with seaweed to put things on the track for your immune system. Another way you can use plant is by adding it into the soup.

It will make a great addition to the nutrition value of your soup. You need to chop the seaweed and pair it with other ingredients of the salad. The same way you can put the seaweed along with other parts into your soup.

#3 Chives


Chives are highly nutritious and are low in calories.

It’s one tablespoon of serving (100 gm) may contain incredibly 1060 mg of Lysine. With such a high amount of Lysine to offer, Chives have become the most sought food for herpes patients.

Though a plethora of herpes sufferers are unaware of these benefits of chives, we aim to make them aware of what they are missing.

It also offers a high amount of vitamin K, calcium, folate, magnesium, and more of the nutrients.

How to Consume?

You can use chives to your egg dishes to give your recipe a tasty finish. Egg with chives makes a great pair to start consuming this highly nutritious food.

It is one of the foods high in Lysine, which has grabbed our attention to get featured in our section of the article. Another way you can use Chives is to pair it with other ingredients in your salad.

#4 Avocados

Avocado for herpes
Avocado for herpes

The antioxidant and high property of Lysine make avocados the most healthy fruit for herpes patients. When avocados are eaten raw and fresh, the amount of nutrients it ingests into the body is more than sufficient.

It improves the digestion system, and so has the potential to lower the risk of depression. As we all know that depression may trigger a herpes outbreak, avocado is a particular elixir. In addition to the reduction in depression response, it also has Lysine sufficient enough to put herpes virus in a latent condition.

How to Consume?

It is a fruit; therefore, you can take it as in raw form. You can have it with breakfast meal to significantly increase the nutrition in the morning. You can eat one avocado a day to obtain the best out of avocado nutrients.

#5 Potatoes

Potatoes for herpes
Potatoes for herpes

Potato is an evergreen vegetable and can be found throughout the year. With fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and many more nutrients ready to benefit your body, its high amount of Lysine can potentially eliminate any chance of herpes outbreak. It also is a diet with low carbs and no or minimal traces of cholesterol. The consumption of potatoes may treat cold sores and genital herpes effectively due to its efficacy in releasing the Lysine and ingesting it into the immune response.

How to Consume?

Innumerable dishes can be prepared with potatoes, although the best way is to boil the potatoes and eat. You can also make the gravy and mix potatoes in it for a better taste.

#6 Fish

Tuna Fish for herpes
Fish for herpes

Fish like ling, pike, cod, sunfish, and many more are exceptional instances of lysine-rich food. The lysine amount you will get from these refreshments is something unprecedented. In the event of your consideration of a herpes diet, these fish going to place a high amount of Lysine into your body.

That ultimately take charge to eliminate herpes outbreak chances to 30 to 40 percent in a week time. Fish also has omega 3 fatty acids which has been found to be effective in reducing the inflammation in herpes patients. Therefore, fish are going to be an excellent herpes diet addition.

Be cognizant to some other fish which might be high in arginine. These kinds of fish may trigger arginine into your blood stream which may trigger outbreak.

How to Consume?

There are many ways to have a taste of a fishy flesh. Either you can fry it or proceed with more delicious cuisines. If you are health conscious and don’t want fried fish, the best way to boil it, add some salt and pair it with salad for best seafood combination recipe.

#7 Yogurt

Yogurt for herpes
Yogurt for herpes

Per 200 calorie serving, 1896 mg of Lysine you can get from Yogurt. Protein and calcium are the two elements that you will get after the consumption of Yogurt. This will help you enhance healthy gut bacteria in your body which ultimately lead you to the way for healthy living. It also has the potential to reduce the chances of osteoporosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Lysine for herpes 2 is an essential element which helps in relieving the symptoms triggered by various forms of herpes genes. If you are lactose intolerant, you can consider Yogurt in place of Curd.

How to Consume?

Directly take it as in the form. You can take it with bread. You can take it with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

#8 Cheese

Cheese for herpes
Cheese for herpes

Cheese is an excellent source of Lysine with almost 2411 mg of Lysine with 200 calories per serving. Such a great addition to your herpes diet. It is a nutritious food usually made from milk.

It also is a good source of vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. These nutritional values may help your herpes outbreak heal sooner as it because they may assist your immune and lead you to a better quality of life. Cheese is the foods high in Lysine lowest in arginine, taking you to the way of herpes free heaven.

How to Consume?

For better taste and flavor, you need to eat cheese at room temperature. We recommend you to take the cheese out of your fridge an hour before serving. This will help the cheese to come to room temperature. Now you can use bread or any edible that you would like to have a taste of this food.

#9 Egg White

Egg White for herpes
Egg White for herpes

200 calories per serving may give you as much as 3358 mg of Lysine. Yes, you got it right. L lysine for genital herpes is an elixir, and such a high amount can fulfill your daily needs.

Lysine helps in containing the virus from replicating the genes, and even it may stop taking rebirth from latency.

Egg white has other essential nutritional values such as high in protein, which will give you considerably more potent fighting powers than not having it.

How to Consume?

Whether to take egg white in its raw form or bake it to an omelet for getting the better taste out of it. You can consider taking egg white with oatmeal for higher nutritional values. Due to the fewer calories, the egg white getting trendy in fitness-savvy people.

#10 Soy Protein

Soy Protein
Soy Protein

A multiple health benefit is what soy protein has to offer you. Soy Protein is a protein extracted from soybeans. The Lysine you will get from 100 gm this product may fulfill your daily requirement of Lysine by two times. 5.77 grams of Lysine could be injected through 100 grams of Soy protein. It may help to limit the herpes outbreak, maintain better physical health, and may also ensure muscle power if considered to be taken in adequate amount.

How to Consume?

Soy protein can be taken with milk to ensure more nutrition. Take 1 cup of milk, one scoop of soy protein, one teaspoon of sweetener, and now blend it thoroughly for a better taste. It will ensure better absorption of nutrients in your body.

How Much Lysine to Take for Cold Sores?

Well, it is a delicate question as to the requirements of Lysine, or any other nutrients depends on individuals. Though the general rule of consensus is that one can take 3 grams of Lysine daily. With that said, 1 gram three times a day. For better result, you can apply lysine cream to the affected area every 2 hours for almost a dozen days.

Additional Health Tips for Herpes Patients

  1. Wear loose clothes during the outbreak, and it will help stop probable abrasions.
  2. Sit in a warm-bathed tub of lukewarm water to further help prevent itching and burning. You may feel a burning sensation while urination during the outbreak, therefore, we recommend you to pour full the tub with lukewarm water and then urinate.
  3. Don’t wear tight clothes as it may obstruct healing the lesions.
  4. You have to get adequate sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Studies have revealed the connection between sleep and healing capabilities of the body.
  5. Anxiety may worsen your outbreak. The advise is not to let anxiety take over your brain.
  6. Don’t over expose your body to the sun or heat wave. The conditions may cause an outbreak.
  7. Eat a balanced diet, and you may be prescribed to take a lysine supplement.
  8. For immediate relief, you can apply ice to the affected area.
  9. As soon as you notice the outbreak, start taking antiviral medicine. It will help in the reduction of outbreak time.
  10. If you are pregnant, the herpes virus may lead to miscarriage or early premature delivery.
  11. Tell your doctor that you have herpes. Your doctor then will take necessary measures for a safe and healthy delivery. If there is a herpes outbreak during delivery, you may require to go through C-Section (Caesarean Section), a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby.

Key Takeaway

Some supplements may trigger herpes outbreaks such as arginine-rich food. You should avoid taking those foods. Lysine rich foods are the best to heal and treat herpes outbreak and lesions

Lysine helps in inhibiting the growth of the herpes virus and makes a condition worse for the herpes virus to wake up from the underlying condition.

We have discussed the top 10 foods high in lysine and herpes diet that you should consider adding in your daily diet if you are a herpes patient.

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