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US Patent Office Accorded Patent to Ayurvedic Herpes Remedy

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  • United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently recognized Ayurvedic remedy as an effective therapy for herpes.
  • Hypericum Mysorense can suppress the HSV by 100%.
  • It is amazing to see how nature in its original perfection can outperform and complement synthetic molecules as medicine.

United States Patent and Trademark Office ( has recently recognized Ayurvedic remedy as an effective therapy for herpes. Ayurvedic Herpes remedy comprises Hypericum Mysorense as the primary ingredient. It has grabbed the eyeball of the US Patent office, which signifies the increasing standard of the holistic approach in herpes treatment. The scientific community has long been investigating the potential health leads of Hypericum Mysorense in the treatment of herpes.

Scientists Have Found

Hypericum Mysorense can suppress the HSV by 100% and can multiply the recovery time manifold. Despite this much potential, this Nilgiri herb didn’t get that much of required recognizance until now.

Now comes this day, the US patent office has finally granted a patent to the Ayurvedic Herpes Remedy. This step of the US government will ensure an inclination towards the holistic treatment approaches, which is the necessity of the time. People are suffering one way or two, as they didn’t have the right treatment option.

People have to stick to antivirals such as Acyclovir, which for the longer term can expose you to dozens of untoward contradictions. If you were sceptical about embracing the natural treatment option; the US patent office has made it easier for you to believe such a treatment option.

The US patent office has granted a patent to this remedy on Aug 18, 2020, with a patent number (10,744,175). Here is the link to this patent. The Indian patent office has also granted a patent to this remedy with patent number 808/MUM/2013.

The Research

The research done on hypericin (An active constituent found in Hypericum Mysorense) along with other plant molecules. 101 patients were eligible for research-based evaluation. 31 patients were affected with HSV-1, while the count of HSV-2 patients was 48. 17 were infected with both strains of herpes virus.

87% of these subjects had a previous history of herpes treatment through drugs such as Acyclovir and valacyclovir. When these people administered hypericin along with other active plant molecules, 76% of these patients reported relief in herpes-induced symptoms. There was a significant decrease in the frequency of symptoms. 76% of the patients reported no relapse of herpes outbreak for the follow-up period of 2 years following the hypericin treatment for at least 4 months.

In relation with this study, International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy (IJRAP) has published an article which claims hypericin as an analgesic which relieves nerve pain. It has reduced the healing time from 21 days to 3 days, which we think is a remarkable achievement. 80% of patients who took hypericin along with other plant molecules for at least 4 consecutive months never had a herpes outbreak. A majority of patients rated this combination 10 out of 10. and to a further extent, the patient also claimed reduced cold sore healing time and pain following the hypericin treatment.

A Bit More About Hypericin

Hypericin is an active constituent of the plant Hypericum Mysorense; but some major pharmaceuticals tried to synthesize “hypericin” so they can use it for trials on Herpes and HIV viruses. The FDA has prohibited such practices as some reports were airing about the side-effects of synthesized molecules. The natural version of anything can’t be created in the labs. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry failed to yield the desired outcome.

The natural hypericin which is found in hypericum along with other antiviral plant molecules forms a deadly combination fatal for Herpes Virus. This combination helps Hypericum Mysorense to enter cell walls of nerve ganglia where herpes virus thrives and multiplies. It is a place where hypericin shows its true potential by eliminating the herpes virus and its replication.

Where To Buy Hypericum Mysorense

Hypericum Mysoresne is extremely scarce and is only found in Nilgiri mountain range in Tamil Nadu, India. Therefore, buying genuine and 100% pure hypericum mysorense might not be that easy for you. Most of the online sellers are fudging you by the name of Hypericum Mysorense.

If you want to buy 100% pure hypericum mysorense, we are the only trusted source. We have 3 of our herb processing centers set up in southern India where hypericum mysorense is naturally found.

As these herbs are rare and usually found in outlying woods, it’s not easy for us to get these herbs for you. Still we are committed and always endeavor to fulfill our customers needs. You will get fresh herbs picked right after your order.

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“It is amazing to see how nature in its original perfection can outperform and complement synthetic molecules as medicine. This is a reality that both Doctors and Patients are waking up to globally. The old paradigm of patenting and mimicking molecules for profit is going away as the perfection of life cannot be recreated in a lab. We are forever grateful to Doctors across the planet that have helped us reach this point and those that realize that their Hippocratic oath is made to patient healing and not a particular medicine system.”


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