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Valacyclovir Herpes Medication- How Much Do You Know About?

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  • Whether you believe or not, but, the truth is, improper valacyclovir dosage often end up in many physical afflictions.
  • Nearly 95 percent of Valacyclovir Herpes Medication resistance occurs in response to a mutation in a gene.
  • They observed that a heavy dose of valacyclovir may induce several birth defects.

A positive herpes diagnosis perhaps leads to mental trauma, a desperation to get cured instantly and amidst all of this, a pursuit of optimal healing agent. Looking forward to finding a relevant remedial agent often ends up when a herpes patient knows about the efficiency of Valacyclovir.

In many clinical findings, Valacyclovir herpes medication proved the major restorative compound for herpes management. Christina Cernik, an Ohio based Doctor of medicine (MD), has one thing to say, valacyclovir and the likes can effectively improve the living of herpes sufferers.

What Studies Have To Say About Valacyclovir Herpes Medication?

Numerous assessments have done to verify the effectiveness of Valacyclovir over the herpes infection. Fortunately, most of the results are promising in the management of Herpes Symptoms. A study suggests that the right dosing regimen significantly decreases the healing time of lesion, mitigates the severe herpes symptoms, and prevents the viral shedding. Studies have found it useful in preventing the spread of herpes virus too.

Herpes Management with Valacyclovir
Herpes Management with Valacyclovir

Whenever, the herpes virus becomes active in you, the recurrence of herpes infection is a common set of routine. A piece of scientific evidence gives Valacyclovir a credit; the credit is, it can prevent shedding of herpesvirus.

The Secrecy Of Valacyclovir Herpes Medication Mechanism

Studies suggest that appropriate dosing regimen of Valacyclovir suppresses recrudescence of HSV to a great extent. Ever wondered, why is it so efficient? Why does General physician broadly recommend it? Well, the answer is here.

A hidden mechanism of Valacyclovir determines the efficacy of this therapeutic compound. Valacyclovir is marked as a prodrug and belongs to molecules family. To be an active drug, valacyclovir needs the presence of a viral thymine kinase. This means, if the herpes virus is not in you, it will not convert itself in an active compound.

The cohesiveness of Valacyclovir herpes medication with an active viral enzyme does not allow herpes virus to bother you much. Plus, this drug has an excellent margin of safety until inappropriately used.

The dosage of Valacyclovir- Valacyclovir Herpes Medication

“It is highly advised by herpes cure care team to follow up an evidence-based dosage regimen for herpes infection.”

Whether you believe or not, but, the truth is, improper valacyclovir dosage often end up in many physical afflictions. It may cause mild, moderate, or severe side effects. Hence, watch out for the approved dosing regimen.

What you need to take into account is, the dosage of valacyclovir differs on many factors. A patient with first-time herpes outbreak will get the different valacyclovir dose than a patient who already had several herpes outbreaks earlier. It also relies on the severity of herpes flare up, whether the herpes infection is oral or genital if the virus is herpes or herpes zoster. We will be elaborating standard valacyclovir dosage based on clinical trials.

Valacyclovir Dosage

Herpes Labialis (Oral Herpes)

1000 mg two times a day for seven days. To get the best result, the treatment should start as soon as the herpes outbreak appears.

Recurrent Herpes Labialis

Valacyclovir Dosage Herpes
Valacyclovir Dosage Herpes

2000 mg twice in a day of valacyclovir demonstrated a noticeable reduction in healing time of herpetic ulcer, pain, and episode duration.

Initial primary infection (Genital Herpes Outbreak)

1000 Mg two times a day for 9-10 days

Recurrent Infection

Valacyclovir 500 mg two times a day and 1000 mg once a day is associated with less viral shedding, reduced healing time, and prevention of further herpes outbreaks.

A broad spectrum of herpes symptoms can alleviate significantly with the efficacy of Valacyclovir. The patient need to follow an FDA approved valacyclovir dosage regimen.

If you want to Know more about Herpes Symptoms that can be treated with Valacyclovir Herpes Medication, you can prefer going on “Herpes Symptoms Associated with HSV-1 And HSV-2.”

Note: You can take Valacyclovir before or after the meal; however, some conditions apply here. If your stomach disturbed after the intake of valacyclovir, you need to have it after food with lots of water.

Valacyclovir HCL (Valacyclovir Hydrochloride) – Major Aspects

FDA approved Valacyclovir HCL is one of the prominent drug across the globe. It is not only being used by healthy herpes patient to prevent herpes outbreaks but, people living with HIV also taking the excellent advantage of it. When orally administered, Valacyclovir HCl instantly converts into Acyclovir triphosphate. This conversion paves the path towards herpes prevention and healing.

Acyclovir triphosphate stops the viral DNA polymerase, leaving no chance for the herpes virus to be indormant.

When herpes virus replicates, it makes a DNA chain, and Valacyclovir HCL is a powerful terminator of such kind of string.

It also can be used to:

  • Treat Cold Sore
  • Treat Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
  • Prevent herpes outbreaks
  • Stop the viral transmission
  • Manage Varicella zoster virus
  • Treat Initial Herpes Outbreaks
  • Treat recurrent Herpes Outbreak

CST- Chronic Suppressive Therapy – A Rehabilitation For Herpes Patient

Chronic Suppressive Therapy
Chronic Suppressive Therapy

The modern advancement of the medical field has flipped the coin in favor of humanity. It has opened the new door for a pro version of herpes care.

CST, otherwise known as Chronic Suppressive Therapy, is an advanced version of herpes treatment. Physicians usually do not prefer this treatment, but, if the patient is having recurrent severe herpes outbreaks, the doctor can recommend this treatment.

Immunocompromised patients, especially HIV positive, usually are vulnerable to severe and recurrent herpes outbreak like cold sores, intense pain, swollen lymph nodes, and difficulty in swallowing. Hence they need special treatment attention to curb these afflictions.

Valacyclovir Herpes Medication: Role in Chronic Suppressive Therapy

As earlier discussed, valacyclovir is a prodrug, converts itself into to acyclovir in the presence of herpes virus. It is a primary drug used to increase the success rate of Chronic Suppressive Therapy.

A New York City-based MD, Eldon White, assessed Valacyclovir to be effective even in HIV positive Patients.

The productiveness of Valacyclovir was first determined in a four-month trial. In that trial, valacyclovir dose of 500 mg given (once a day) to herpes patient so has demonstrated the decreased rate of herpes outbreaks.

Herpes cure care team thoroughly examined a study where herpes patients received six months of Chronic Suppressive Therapy. In addition, the patients also received intermittent reactive therapy. Researchers created a dosing regimen for Valacyclovir. Under intermittent reactive therapy, 2gm valacyclovir dose initiated a productive change in the cells of the patients. Whereas, Under Chronic Suppressive Therapy, 1 gram Valaciclovir once a day was given to Herpes hosts.

Valacyclovir, as mentioned above, dosing regimen noticeably decreased the probability of impending herpes outbreaks and severe pain.

Dark Sides Of Herpes Antivirals Including Valacyclovir

Flipping the other side of the coin is always a clever act of demonstration. Valacyclovir and the likes have their extensive reach to contaminated host and so is it prominent among general physicians. They broadly prescribe valacyclovir, acyclovir, and Valtrex to patients. After all, these are few antiviral agents approved to tackle herpes symptoms.

But, what if you find yourself resistant to available herpes antivirals. Sure, it will be frightening. You may not be immune to available herpes antivirals but, everyone is not that lucky. The prevalence rate of antiviral resistance is nearly 5 percent, which further increased by 30 percent among allogeneic bone marrow transplant sufferers.

Valacyclovir Herpes Medication- Drug Resistance

“Nearly 95 percent of Valacyclovir Herpes Medication resistance occurs in response to a mutation in a gene – Tk,” A New York City-based MD, Eldon White said.

Drug resistance is not a thing that suddenly occurs. It is a gradual process that happens over time. Drug resistance means, the microbes in you have adapted to the medicines, and will no longer react to them. This certainly a life-threatening condition for many people.

An array of factors are associated with herpes medication drug resistance, and inappropriate use is one of them. Most patients do not prefer to complete the course of herpes medication. It is a colossal mistake that sometimes converts in drug resistance.

Susceptibility of herpes drug resistance also increases when herpes medication used for an extended period.

Valacyclovir Side Effects | Do Side Effects of Herpes Suppressants Need Your Attention

GPs always know that the medicine they are prescribing could cause side effects. Despite the fact, they still prescribe medication in the belief that the benefits would be higher than side effects.

Valacyclovir side effects well documented in many studies. Some valacyclovir side effects do not bother much but, other could make you think twice before you use it. We are about to put some intellectual light on potential side effects associated with Valacyclovir.

Valacyclovir Side effects That Should Not Worry You

  • A feeling Of Nausea
  • A mild Stomach Pain
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (More Common)

More Complicated Side Effects Of Valacyclovir

  • If you are having any of following side effects, tell your GP promptly
  • The feeling of Hallucination or Confusion
  • Trouble Speaking
  • Impaired thinking
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Rashes
  • Severe Desire to itch
  • Changes In vision
  • Feeling Of Severe Malaise
  • Allergic Reaction

Rarely seen that the side effects of valacyclovir cause the life-threatening situation, but the possibility would be there with immunocompromised and HIV patients.

You need to Know Little More About Valacyclovir | Birth Defects And Valacyclovir

Sometimes, the benefits of Valacyclovir don’t come alone; it may incorporate a bundle of bad things you never want to be familiar to. Scientists have recognized an association between Valacyclovir and Birth Defects. FDA, US Food and Drug Administration, has listed valacyclovir a B category medicine in pregnancy use.

Initially, scientists did not see any association between valacyclovir and birth defects. But, following review, and going through the core of the subject, the scientists had the conceptualized picture to this delicate matter. They observed that a heavy dose of valacyclovir may induce several birth defects.

Have a Look at Another Study

Other studies pertaining to valacyclovir and birth defects have been performed to get the more clear picture. In this study, 837795 births had been carefully observed. Among 19960 births, almost 2.4 percent of infants were detected with some kind of birth defects, including genetic disorders.

We have tried to attempt every aspect of Valacyclovir Herpes Medication, though we might left with some of the questions that might be perturbing you. In this case, you can right to us and we will try to include your complications in our next article.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions which we think may assist you.

How does Valacyclovir work?

Valacyclovir is a prodrug, converts itself in acyclovir by thiamine kinase. It works by halting the viral growth, preventing viral transmission, and making it tough for the herpes virus to cause further outbreaks.

How long does it take for valacyclovir to start working?

How quickly Valacyclovir works entirely depends on the time you have taken to intake Valacyclovir after the onset of prodrome. In most cases, patients get relief within two to three days. Your immune system also decides how quickly Valacyclovir will work in your body.

Is Valacyclovir Over The Counter?

The answer is no. FDA hasn’t approved Valacyclovir as an over the counter
Herpes medicine. You must have to have a prescription from a registered health care professional to get this medicine. However, some antiviral ointment for herpes is available Over the counter.

Can Valacyclovir Cause Weight Gain?

It is rare for Valacyclovir to cause weight gain. However, it can help those factors linked to weight gain. Suppose, if someone consumes high-calorie foods such as fast foods, Valacyclovir could be an add-on in it.

Can I Use Valacyclovir Herpes Medication For Shingles?

Shingles is another form of herpes infection (herpes Zoster Cause the manifestation of shingle) so, yes, Valacyclovir for shingles is a good choice. You can take it.

What is Valacyclovir Dosing For Shingles?

During an outbreak, valacyclovir dose should be 1 gm three times a day for 7-8 days. For children, you must follow the doctor’s advice.
You can take Valacyclovir before or after the meal; however, some conditions apply here. If your stomach disturbed after the intake of valacyclovir, you need to have it after food with lots of water.

Can Valacyclovir Drug Interactions Occur With Drink Or Alcohol?

Whether Valacyclovir drug Interactions are possible with Alcohol or not is a matter of Scrutiny. FDA hasn’t approved any guidelines of valacyclovir drug interactions with Drink.

Why Valacyclovir Should be Taken With Lots Of Water?

Valacyclovir is a powerful and to some extent, toxic drug. It is associated with kidney damage. Taking lots of water while taking valacyclovir cuts your chance down to many side effects.

Is it Safe to Take Valacyclovir During Pregnancy?

You are taking Valacyclovir during pregnancy a great way to prevent herpes virus transmission. You take Valacyclovir, and you are making your baby less susceptible to be the herpes victim. It is considered typically safe.

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