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How to Use Oregano Oil for Herpes? New Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

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  • Oregano is a weighty immune booster when taken orally and is a great antiviral candidate due to a carvacrol component found in Oregano.
  • You can also leverage the seamless anti-herpetic properties which might come to your rescue when you need it.
  • Oregano is a potent immunomodulator and is perfect for those with compromised immunity.

In the 90s, physicians began noticing a strange pattern among herpes (cold sores) patients. The scientists were void of their brains and were clueless concerning the continued upsurge in herpes flare-ups. A group of herpes subjects voluntarily taking part in herpes research program were the victim of this unusual pattern. This research has done to scrutinize the efficacy of Oregano on the immune response.

The subjects were given immune-suppressants to evaluate the correlation between the herpes virus and cheapened immune responses. Even the slightest fumble in immune response would trigger plaque formation, verified in laboratory trials. This pattern was terrible when it was discovered then in the 90s.

Oregano is a weighty immune booster when taken orally and is a great antiviral candidate due to a carvacrol component found in Oregano. Subjects were given Oregano extracts to consume for a week. Their biological responses were recorded on the seventh day, which suggested a significant boost in immune response for 83% of people who took part in the research.

There’s more to it. The healing time of cold sores improved manifold following the administration of Oregano. This groundbreaking result, unfortunately, didn’t publish anywhere.

I can furnish numerous scientific researches which should have had a respectable place in the scientific journals.

If you are a new to oregano oil and don’t know how to use oregano oil for herpes, don’t worry.

I have started using oregano oil for herpes way back 3 years from now and have been regular on it since then. I have genital herpes, and you won’t believe that I have even rubbed raw oregano on my genitals, I felt great relief. So I decided to use oregano oil for genital herpes.

The soon you start applying oregano oil for genital herpes, as soon as the blistering starts appearing or the onset of itching or burning, the better it can handle your herpes-induced agonies.

This step-by-step guide will help you to understand about the right approach on how to use Oregano Oil for herpes

Science Behind Oregano Oil for Herpes

This mint family plant is native to Southwestern Eurasia, temperate Western and the Mediterranean region. It is a perennial herb also scientifically known as Origanum vulgare, which grows as tall as 80cm. It is also known as wild marjoram.

According to NCBI, in its study, they have affirmed that essential oregano oil can disrupt the viral envelope. This oil may help in impairing the ability of viruses to infect host cells.

Oregano oil is a complex mixture of different constituents, and one of them is terpenes (An aromatic compound found in many plants). Carvacrol is a terpene that gives Oregano its antiviral activity against the herpes virus.

Extensive research is being done on Oregano to single out any other benefit for herpes positives. One of the most hailed attributes of Oregano is its ability to kill microbes. The antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties of this perennial plant have attracted the interests of the herpes community, for sure.

Benefits of Oregano Oil for Herpes

It is anti-herpetic, as simple as that. It has bailed herpes patients out of their sufferings and stigma. You can also leverage the seamless anti-herpetic properties which might come to your rescue when you need it. It has liberated me from the herpes-induced pain and suffering, and it certainly will plunge into your herpes redemption as well.

Why is the oil of Oregano so effective against herpes?

Let’s answer this.

Oregano is a potent immunomodulator and is perfect for those with compromised immunity. Old-aged and the people battling chronic infection are often exposed to stressed immunity responses; this panacea herb is a strong contender among natural immune boosters and helps increase immune response manifold.

Oregano oil is a potent antiviral and can inhibit the proliferation of the herpes virus in the infected cells. The carvacrol compound found in Oregano can kill the herpes virus successfully. Carvacrol has many applications to dermatomal infection and can help eliminate the viral shedding of the herpes virus and other infectious diseases pertaining to the skin.

Carvacrol has mirrored significant antiviral activity against HSV1 and HSV2, this scientific report claims

Additionally, oregano essential oil has long been used for herpes outbreak, vaginal herpes and cold sores to prevent severe complications associated with these grades of herpes.

Oregano is also an antibacterial agent that might help you kill bacteria thriving on your cold sores or lesions induced by herpes blisters. The natural component of Oregano is thymol, a fungicide and works as an antiseptic to your lesion and helps in speedy healing.

Oregano oil can also decrease inflammatory responses in your body; yes, it is an anti-inflammatory agent.

List of Oregano Oil Benefits for Herpes

  1. Boosts immunity if taken orally.
  2. Itching and inflammation reaction will be eased out.
  3. Strong antiviral properties help in killing the herpes virus.
  4. It prevents herpes outbreaks.
  5. It is an antibacterial agent which helps in battling bacteria and other pathogens.
  6. The anti-inflammatory response of this essential antiviral oil may help in reducing inflammation caused by herpes infection.
  7. Improves healing time manifold.
  8. It helps in eliminating the symptoms of singles.

When to Apply Oil Of Oregano

Applying this essential oil at any stage of your herpes outbreak might help you cut down the severity of your herpes outbreak. When you start noticing an itch and sensing that a herpes outbreak might be on the line, start using it without hesitation.

You can also apply it on the lesions, but we recommend not using it when severe lesions and significant open wounds are there. That means bleeding lesions, oozing sores, and deep wounds may severely react to this oil.

If your genitals have been exposed to lesions, there is a good chance you might want to apply Oregano to curtail symptoms. There’s no harm in that, but there is a specific warning for women. Vagine is a sensitive organ, and it has good bacteria which protects your vagina from external threats.

Using oregano oil might kill those bacteria and leave your vagina unshielded from the environmental threat. So I advise you to consult your doctor first before applying it to your vagina.

Safety Measures Before Applying Oregano Oil

  1. If you are allergic to mint family essential oil, avoid using this oil.
  2. Allergic reactions to oregano oil, avoid it.
  3. Diabetes patients should prevent the use of oregano essential oil; it may lower the sugar level in your body.
  4. Do not apply it to your vagina; consult your doctor first.
  5. Compulsorily do a patch test before applying oregano oil for genital herpes or cold sores.
  6. It is best to keep children and pregnant women away from this oil.
  7. Always dilute this oil with some carrier oil to prevent skin irritation and severe secondary symptoms.

Additional Tips for Using Oil of Oregano for Herpes

#1 You can use 100% pure oregano oil.

#2 Therapeutic oregano oil is best for herpes.

How to Use Oregano Oil for Herpes

How to Use Oregano Oil for Herpes

If you are using oregano oil for the first time, it may initially burn. It’s just a temporary reaction that fades away after an hour or two. Down below are an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to using Oregano Oil for Herpes.

Time Needed: 20 Minutes

Steps: 6

#1: Exfoliate

Start with exfoliating your skin, remove skin flakes. Use a natural bristle brush to perform exfoliation. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and opens up the skin pores, helping to absorb Oregano essential oil easily.

#2: Wash

Now wash off the infection sight with lukewarm water. You can use skin-friendly soap to clean the infection sight.

#3: Pat Dry

Take the soft cotton towel and pat it dry.

#4: Dilute Oregano Oil

Now take 2-3 drops of oregano oil and mix it with 2-3 teaspoons of virgin coconut oil. Stir it well before using it.

#5: Apply

Now apply this oil to the infection site with cotton balls’ help and leave it absorbed by the skin. Use a new cotton ball every time.

#6: Repeat

You can repeat this process every four hours to get the best results.

How to Take Oil of Oregano for Herpes (Can You Consume It?)

Consuming undiluted oregano essential oil might adversely impact your stomach. Consuming high concentration might upset your guts and cause nausea, vomiting, stomachache, and many other untoward contradictions.

Yet, you can take oregano oil orally while being on the safe side.

To take it orally, you can put 2-3 drops of oregano oil in a glass of lukewarm water or juice and then consume it.

You can also find oregano oil capsules that shouldn’t be taken more than the recommended dose, 600mg a day. We recommend taking 200mg capsules three times a day to get better results.

Taking it with an empty stomach may upset you; therefore, my recommendation would be to eat something before administering oregano oil.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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