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How to Use Hypericum Mysorense for Herpes? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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  • The active constituent found in Hypericum Mysorense is Hypericin, this single compound is found to inhibit the Herpes Simplex Virus by 100%.
  • Hypericum Mysorense reduces nerve pain.
  • Hypericum Mysorense is an adaptogen which means it helps your body resist stressors of all kinds, whether it is physical, chemical or biological.
A detailed guide on how to use hypericum mysorense for herpes.

Folk remedies aren’t hypotheses as perceived by the western world; it is the way of living a healthy and disease-free life. There is increasing evidence of folk remedies to be a viable health aid to hundreds of infections of viral origin. Scientists are inclined towards the quest for natural antiviral agents for the treatment of viral infection.

The reason behind this quest is the toxic drugs which often yield unsatisfactory results due to the problem of viral resistance and viral latency in those with immunocompromised status.

Scientists endeavour has resulted in productive outcomes as the discovery of plant species such as Hypericaceae which is now being taken into practice for not only HSV but other viral infections such as HIV too.

Hypericum Mysorense is a flowering plant of the same species, as in, Hypericaceae; which is being hailed for its potent antiviral efficacy in the treatment of herpes.

So, how can you use Hypericum Mysorense for herpes? What are the benefits you can harness from this herb? Here’s a complete guide that will nourish your brain capacity about Hypericum Mysorense.

You will also get the Hypericum Mysorense buying guide in one of the sections below which will actively guide you to buy Hypericum Mysorense from the right sources.

You will get more, we promise, stick around.

Science Behind Hypericum Mysorense

The active constituent found in Hypericum Mysorense is Hypericin, this single compound is found to inhibit the Herpes Simplex Virus by 100%. The extracts of Hypericum Mysorense for herpes are so potent, particularly in HSV, that they inactivated the herpes virus by 100% in an in vitro clinical trial.


The screening was done with 18 of the most potent natural antivirals out of which three plants, i.e. Hypericum mysorense, Hypericum hookerianum and Usnea complanta were most effective in the treatment of herpes virus.

This study was published in NCBI in 2004 with an affiliation to JSS College of Pharmacy, Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, India.

The extract of this magical plant is an ultimate eradicator to the herpes virus, which creates an unfavourable environment for the virus in your body. As we know, the virus thrives in the nerve ganglia (a part of the peripheral nervous system) where modern medicines can’t reach, and that is the reason why drugs can’t deal with the herpes virus. Acyclovir only suppresses your symptoms.

Natural constituents such as hypericin have raised the bar as being natural antivirals. This constituent has managed to break ganglion barriers in clinical trials and managed to reach nerve ganglia, and inactivated herpes virus. This plant can bring the required nutrition to the nerve ganglia to outfight herpes virus.

Hypericum Mysorense Benefits for Herpes

When things gravitate to Hypericum Mysorense Benefits for herpes, hypericin found in Hypericum Mysorense is a formidable active constituent and an antiviral agent which can play down the activity of herpes virus in your body with 100% efficacy. In our survey of 159 people infected with herpes, took hypericin for 180 consecutive days; 93% of people reported no outbreaks ever in their life. Another study reported 80% of patients never had an episode ever in their lifetime post administration of Hypericum Mysorense for four months.

You can also leverage Hypericum Mysorense Benefits for other diseases such as cancer and various liver damaging diseases. Hypericum Mysorense is an antitumor and hepatoprotective agent which has raised the bar of natural treatment options and people are readily shifting to it.

It gives a formidable boost to your immunity.

Hypericum Mysorense reduces nerve pain, if you are a true herpes sufferer, you know the pain. Herpes Infection causes intolerable anguish and the best bet to avoid such suffering is to prevent future outbreaks. Hypericum Mysorense is one of the best antivirals which will prevent outbreaks happening in the first place. Additionally, if you have already had an outbreak, the analgesic property of Hypericum Mysorense will soothe your pain significantly.

Hypericum Mysorense is an adaptogen which means it helps your body resist stressors of all kinds, whether it is physical, chemical or biological. It will help reduce stress hormones as likes of cortisol in the body. Stress is one of the primary triggers of herpes outbreaks; regulating stress can significantly decrease your chances of getting another outbreak.

Last but not the least, we can’t forget including the hypotensive property of this miraculous plant while talking about hypericum Mysorense benefits. It helps in checking down the blood pressure levels if in case you have high blood pressure conditions.

How Long Will I Have To Wait To Heal After Using Hypericum Mysorense For Herpes?

Now you don’t have to wait for weeks to heal your outbreaks. Hypericin found in hypericum mysorense can decrease the healing time to 3 days from 10 days. We have observed hundreds of patients and have compared the healing time with acyclovir. Acyclovir usually takes weeks to 10 days to heal the outbreak, but hypericum mysorense with other supportive natural supplementation takes only 3 days to hit the goal.

As hypericum mysorense has shown promising outcomes in neutralizing the virus, the chances of future outbreaks are equal to none. This magical plant comprehensively reduces your chances of getting future episodes.

List of Hypericum Mysorense Benefits

There are dozens of hypericum Mysorense benefits specific to certain diseases which directly or indirectly affects your herpes infection. These benefits are mentioned down below:

  • Inactivates the virus by 100%
  • Speeds up healing time
  • Antidepressant
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Hypotensive (Decrease the blood pressure level)
  • Reduces Nerve Pain
  • Antitumor (Prevents the growth of cancerous cells and even kills these cells.
  • Reduces stress to the average level

Safety Measures Before Taking Hypericum Mysorense

  1. Those who are on drugs are advised to consult with a registered physician before taking hypericum mysorense as it can severely interact with other medications.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consult your doctor before administration of this plant extracts.
  3. Avoid more than needed exposure to UV rays.
  4. If you can’t tolerate stimulants, best to avoid hypericum mysorense.
  5. It may cause headaches, and if you are a migraine patient, it is better to stay away.
  6. Some people have reported sensitivity to light after using hypericum mysorense, if you do experience such complaints, stop using extracts.

Additional Tips

#1 Selecting quality hypericum mysorense is necessary. Our recommendation would be to buy raw hypericum mysorense.

#2 Raw hypericum mysorense retains potent antiviral compounds more efficiently than those processed pills and other supplements.

#3 Beware of fake hypericum mysorense products. Companies use identical plants to hypericum mysorense to deceive people as this plant is scarce and is found only in Nilgiri Mountain Range of India. There is no common name for hypericum mysorense; hence, if someone is trying to sell you their product with a different name, you better avoid them.

#4 As our herb processing center is based in India; we ensure doorstep delivery of the highest quality hypericum mysorense.

Where to Buy Hypericum Mysorense

Your Guide to Using Hypericum Mysorense for Herpes

Using Raw Hypericum Mysorense (Dried) (Preparing Decoction)

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Steps: 6

How to Use Hypericum Mysorense for Herpes (Dried) (Decoction Preparation)

#1: Clean

After Purchasing raw Hypericum Mysorense (Dried), the next thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the herb for any dust or impurities, if there is any.

#2 Storation

Store this dried herb at room temperature in any clean container to protect it from the external environment.

#3 Ingredients

To prepare a decoction, take 250 ml of water and add 10-15 grams of dried hypericum mysorense, 3-4 grains of black pepper (crushed) and boil it until the liquid remains 50 ml.

#4 Filter

Take the flame off and filter the decoction for any impurities.

#5 Cool It Down

Stir the decoction to cool it down.

#6 Add Honey

Now add honey as per your taste (The decoction will be bitterish in flavor).

#7 Drink It

Now you can drink this herbal decoction.


Using hypericum mysorense to treat herpes might be a life-changing decision for you. Science backs this herb to be a potent antiviral herb against herpes, and if you are concerned about the status of your herpes; this herb can give you a formidable boost to your herpes treatment.

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