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Alternative Herpes Treatment

5 Mind Blowing Reasons Why You Should Tap “Natural Treatment for Herpes”

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  • Over 2 million severe Adverse Drug Reaction cases occur per year.
  • Out of which 100,000 casualties are recorded each year.
  • Making ADRs 4th leading cause of deaths in the United States.


Herpes is believed to be incurable as there is no scientific evidence about it. Therefore, whatever described herein represents the thoughts of author. There are anecdotal evidences support the natural cure theory but again it has no backing of science. The author has used the word “cure” many times in the article which should be interpreted as “treatment” in some paragraph, if in case one believes that there is not a cure for herpes.

A few days ago, we went to meet a Pittsburgh Herpes Researcher seeking an explanation on Natural Cure for Herpes. We also found their opinion in or with reference to a holistic approach. It took us 3 hours of talk turkey, which helped us unfold secrets that we are going to share with you today.

Why is there no cure for herpes?

A straightforward answer to this question is “no one cares about you”.

The pharmaceutical industry is busy earning in billions through fabricated research findings. Instead of finding an effective herpes cure, these companies are busy bribing scientists under the table to conclude the research findings in their favor. If the fabricated results get published in prominent journals, we see a significant increase in sales of the referenced medicines. In short, you are being deceived.

The big fast-food giants are busy developing habit-forming fast food products through the means of processing, adding concentrated sugar, fat, and sodium. They, too, earn billions per year. What these food giants give in return are chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and hyperglycemia. These conditions weaken your immune system. A weakened immunity can’t battle with some of the most stubborn viruses in the world, such as HSV.

Acyclovir and Valacyclovir are not cure.

In fact, they are suppressive agents and suppress your symptoms but are ineffective on the roots of the herpes virus. They don’t even touch the herpes virus; all they can do is a temporary relief from the symptoms. Some of you might get assistance from the recurrent outbreaks after administering antivirals, but you are still prone to it. Some people become resistant to antiviral drugs after continuous administration of these potent antivirals, and some may face adverse drug reactions.

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

Over 2 million severe Adverse Drug Reaction cases occur per year. Out of which 100,000 casualties are recorded each year, making ADRs 4th leading cause of deaths in the United States.

100,000 casualties recorded each year due to ADRs only in The United States of America.

If you are taking antivirals, you are pouring the toxins in your body. It eventually may result in unwanted outcomes that could have been prevented.

What’s the Fix

Well documented evidence supports that certain dietary modifications and lifestyle changes help in treating active herpes strains through inhibiting the ability of herpes virus. These natural substances have demonstrated promising upshot in preventing herpes outbreaks.

Certain supplements such as Lysine, Vitamin E, Healthy Protein, Zinc, Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty acids have collectively exhibited the virus killing effects.

There are dozens of herbs shown to have antiviral properties against the herpes virus, such as Hypericum Mysorense. These plants have even demonstrated the potential to kill the virus at its will.

Some scholars call “Natural Cure for Herpes,” just a hypothesis, and these are those scholars promoted by the giants of the industry. They don’t want you to understand the importance of sacred herbs, immune boosters and herbs that boost the immune system. Some insular minded people are also following the same trend and deluding others not to pursue a holistic approach.

Holistic approach is the only hope for herpes struck community, given that the big pharma may potentially hide the herpes cure from the general public as they stand to lose a vast amount of money.

According to the Pittsburgh Herpes Researcher

Reasons Why Natural Cure for Herpes is Feasible

Therefore, it is in your interest too to tap the nutrition part coming from right and healthy sources. Here we will tell strong reasons why natural cure for herpes is feasible.

Acts Toward the Root Cause

Treatment of herpes through nutrition is a well-documented option which directly acts on the cause of the diseases. It doesn’t only alleviate symptoms, but it endeavors to distinguish the root of the origin. After that it works to eliminate the cause itself.

The nutrition deficiencies due to a toxic food environment can also be supplemented through choosing healthy plant-based foods. Plant-Based foods contain high levels of healthy nutrients and micronutrients, antioxidants, proteins, and many other herpes supportive elements. These foods have the potential to launch an assault on the herpes virus.

Herbs are a great source of natural antivirals. And administering them may unleash a plethora of health gains against any strains of herpes virus. Lysine rich foods such as soy, fruits, vegetables can be great options for patients with the herpes virus.

Evidence from various Prominent Journals supports the claim that Lysine and Vitamin C, if combined, can eliminate the herpes virus and associated pain. There are patients with herpes who didn’t respond to conventional medicines.

But when the same patients were given intravenous Vitamin C, they witnessed an immediate reduction in pain and other related sufferings. Veggies, fruits, legumes, some seaweeds, and cheeses are nutritionally dense with what you want as herpes sufferers to satiate the nutrition needs of your body. These nutrition feed healthy cells of your body. They

Degrade the herpes DNA and its protective layer of protein to cease the virus from replication further. When you supply the body with essential nutrients, they commingle with healthy cells, which in turn accelerate the robust cell generation process in your body.

Eliminates Prescription Medication Side Effects

There are dozens of antivirals as likes of acyclovir, famciclovir, Valacyclovir, Zovirax, and many others great at suppressing down the symptoms, but hand in hand, they give rise to other chronic conditions as part of side effects. Studies have demonstrated the strong connection between renal failure and the use of these medicines.

Over 100,000 deaths occur alone in the USA due to Adverse Drug Reactions. Oftentimes, prescription medicine side effects prove to be a fatal, and economic burden is also a considerable challenge for the patients. It is the need of the time to think creatively and broaden your area of thinking as per the demand.

A holistic approach to herpes infection eliminates the prescription medicine side effects by 100% and may even detoxify your body by removing free radicals causing harm to your immune system. By using a natural approach, one can fix all the complications associated with the administration of prescription medicines. Natural treatment not only will help you cope with side effects but will also ascertain your optimum health in the longer run.

Boosts Immunity

Natural cure for genital herpes or herpes labialis is not feasible unless your immune system is not strengthened. Going natural may help you get the steeled-immunity, which may unleash the power of your inner gut to thwart herpes virus effortlessly.

A healthy immune is often categorized by its ability to detect a wide array of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. But, at the same time, should also be able to differentiate between harmful pathogens and healthy tissues.

Natural substances are an ideal feed for your immune system as a plant-based diet is often correlated with significantly decreased chances of chronic ailments such as hypertension, high level of blood sugar, and obesity. If you are not affected by any of the chronic conditions; you are at a great chance to upshot your chances of getting cured.

Green veggies, seasonal veggies, and fruits, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli are some of the tremendous immune boosters that one can start eating for great results, and this approach should be continuous throughout life. You are not supposed to leave healthy eating after successful treatment, but you should be continuing the trend in the future as well. By adopting a plant-based diet, you are fixing things for the future as well.

Utilizes Body’s Natural Healing Process

Natural medicines also can be termed as plant-based medicines, which are significantly useful in reversing dozens of chronic health conditions, including those metabolic diseases. Conventional medicine tends to interfere with the body’s natural function and manipulate essential functions of the body to suppress down the symptoms.

Natural treatment doesn’t interfere with the body’s functions; in fact, it establishes harmony with the natural healing process of the body. This process helps the body fight off disease and infections nutritionally with the help of antiviral foods, which further weakens the herpes virus.

Your body is an organism with a self-healing attribute, and it doesn’t require an external force to carry the healing process. The human body has the power to self-heal without surgery and medication but with a condition. Your body needs essential nutrients coming from the right sources.

If your body is getting the right amount of healthy nutrients, there is every chance of getting cured of any disease that is believed to be incurable in conventional medicine. The powerful self-healing process can also be aided with healthy eating. A diet rich in Lysine foods, green vegetables, fruits, and legumes can significantly enhance the natural healing of your body against the herpes virus.


A natural cure for herpes or any chronic condition is a cost-effective preference. There is two simple reasons for that:

  1. Additionally, you don’t have to buy anything. Replace your unhealthy buying habit to a healthier choice of foods. Green Veggies, Fruits, and Herbs can fulfill all nutritional needs of your body to an extent where you may not have to buy additional natural supplements. By eating veggies, you might be preventing chronic conditions, which may cost you your life and fortunes of money.
  2. Fewer Visits to Doctor: Upon adopting healthy food eating, your body may start healing in response to the nutrition it will get from healthy sources of food. Your overall health, including but not limited to herpes, will begin to be fixed as soon as your body gets the nutrition free from unhealthy fats, concentrated sugar, processing, and sodium. This way, your body will react smoothly to any harmful substance in your body. Due to the preventive approach of the natural method of healing, most of the potential infection of disease could be prevented, which may result in fewer visits to doctors. No transportation expenses, no doctor fee expenses, and no visit to the doctor, which implies a prescription-medication free life.

Natural healing is the art of living a disease-free life. It is the way our ancestors used to heal their minds and body in the absence of today’s conventional medicine system. Therefore, it will be in your best interest too to adopt a healthy diet, prevent food-borne and preventable diseases, and stay safe.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to cure herpes naturally forever?

Curing herpes naturally forever requires a high strength of will power to adopt healthy diet changes. You need to strengthen your immunity to thwart the replication and attack of this virus. There are specific ways on course to implementation to help yourself curing herpes naturally forever. Increase the intake of immune-boosting herbs and a plant-based diet. Take an adequate amount of Vitamin C.

Also, increase the absorption of Selenium, Zinc, and other powerful minerals to increase the capacity of your immune system. Cruciferous vegetables, fruits, and legumes are some of the best plant-based diets to tap for best results. Also, look for foods high in lysine and low in arginine.

What are some Lysine rich foods?

Foods that are high in lysine can play an imperative role in determining your future against herpes fight. Lysine rich foods can be a panacea for you, and that is the reason why we have enlisted foods that are high in lysine.

  1. Broccoli
  2. Kale
  3. Brussels Sprouts
  4. Asparagus
  5. Bell Pepper
  6. Navy Beans
  7. Kidney Beans
  8. Star Fruit
  9. Mango
  10. Sapote
  11. Plain Yogurt

What are some antiviral foods?

Antiviral foods can also play an imperative role in defying the infection of HSV. Therefore, we recommend you to choose foods enlisted below.

  1. Garlic
  2. Echinacea
  3. Sage
  4. Peppermint
  5. Ginger
  6. Basil
  7. St John’s Wort
  8. Olive Leaf
  9. Licorice
  10. Elderberry

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