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Herpes and SexHSV2

The Essential Guide to Herpes And Sex: A Broad View

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  • Herpes infection is the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection.
  • Avoid sex if your partner is experiencing the herpes outbreak.
  • Herpes Simplex Virus is highly contagious in nature, but, its contagiousness gradually fades down over time.

Inaccurate or incomplete information about anything (Including Herpes Infection) will allow dilemma to rule your mind aggressively. It is not difficult to explore innumerable false information on the internet about herpes simplex virus.

Hence, your likelihood of getting in touch with the wrong information is high. In this post, we will try to cover up a broad view of herpes and sex. The facts will allow you to develop your understanding of sexual relationship and herpes (HSV).

Herpes and Sex is a delicate matter that should carefully be observed. The person who has antibodies to Genital herpes Infection, often believes that he/she can’t have a healthy sexual life. Does this the thing that you need to grasp?

Probably no. Herpes and sex can walk together by just taking some preventive measures against such notorious virus. We will head to those preventive measures later on, but, for now, let’s talk about some other essential details.

A little Talk on Herpes Simplex Virus

Perhaps or in real, Herpes infection is the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection. It is having the potential to pass through a person to another easily. There are two types of virus that force our internal defence mechanism to make antibodies against them. HSV-1 represents Herpes Simplex Virus 1, and HSV-2 stands for Herpes Simplex Virus 2. HSV-2 comprehensively considered culprit for the incubation of Genital herpes Symptoms comparing to HSV-1. However, one should not forget to learn that many people get Genital herpes infection in the response of Herpes Simplex Virus 1.

Does Having Sex With Herpes Patient Mean, A Sure Exposure To Herpes Infection?

The straightforward answer to this question is a Big No. We know, Herpes Infection is highly transmissible ailment. But, many factors can significantly decrease the likelihood of getting exposure to herpes infection during sex.

A study finds that just 5 to 10 per cent of people finds exposure to herpes infection during sexual activities. The same survey also reveals that 5 to 10 per cent of chances can be further decreased by 2 percent with some preventive measures.

Many of people use some prevention methods like avoiding sexual behaviour during a herpes outbreak. It is time to dip into the factors that can play a significant role in understanding the concept of herpes.

How To Stop Herpes Transmission During Sex | Herpes Prevention

We have earlier asserted that herpes transmission during sex is preventable. How one can prevent it, is worth a million dollar question. Let us find the relevant answer to the question as mentioned above.

Researchers have found an array of preventive measure that is found efficacious in preventing herpes virus transmission. We will be covering up most of those factors below.

Herpes and Sex- a view
Herpes and Sex- A view

Avoid Sex If Your Partner Has Outbreak | Herpes And Sex

An individual’s likelihood of getting herpes infection significantly goes up when he or she involves in Sexual Activity with a partner who has an active outbreak.

During Herpes Outbreak, it is likely to manifest cold sore, fever blister and open wounded sores. They cause the symptoms around your genital or oral area. They all contain a substantial amount of active HSV that eager to intrude your body; via your mucous membrane or open lesions.

Involving in sexual activities during an outbreak provides the herpes virus with an excellent opportunity to infect you. So, it is best not to offer herpes virus a chance to make you sick.

It is advised by “Herpes Cure Care Team” to avoid sex if your partner is experiencing the herpes outbreak.

“How long Your Sexual Partner Is Affected With Herpes” Does Matter

“Herpes Simplex Virus is highly contagious in nature, but, its contagiousness gradually fades down over time,” said Maria R. Chapman, a senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician and a herpes researcher.

She added “the patient who recently exposed to herpes, does not able to resist herpes microbes. It is because their immune system has not developed antibodies yet. Lack of antibodies allows herpes microbes to cause severe herpes outbreaks. The patient is more likely to transmit the virus”. The patient who had the exposure to Herpes Simplex Virus way back, is less likely to spread the virus.

Condoms Can Significantly Cut Your Chance

Though, condoms don’t shield you from the exposure to sexually transmitted disease by 100 per cent but, it can significantly cut down your exposure probability. Many people do not prefer to apply condom during sex which sometimes ends up in exposure to herpes.

Herpes Cure Care contacted a senior sexologist, Joyce Cardin. He told us that herpes infection is easily preventable, but one must have to follow safety measures. Herpes infection can only spread if the herpes virus finds a way towards your mucous membrane or open wound. If you don’t have cut or lesion, herpes virus can’t penetrate your skin.

He also added that “using condom cuts down your probability of being exposed to Sexually transmitted infection by 60 to 70 per cent. (Note: The percentage could vary). It would be irrelevant if you question its relevance. It is a much safer way to prevent not only herpes but, all kinds of sexually transmitted disease including HIV and Gonorrhoea.

Antivirals Resist Herpes Virus Transmission

International Herpes Management Forum (IHMF) now recommends physicians to prescribe herpes suppressive antivirals. The likes of valacyclovir to prevent the transmission of herpes virus. The recommendation came after a study done on 1484 immunocompetent couples. Each of those couple’s one partner had symptomatic genital herpes outbreak.

A herpes antiviral called Valacyclovir is given to them, and it demonstrated a promising result. Valacyclovir reduced the herpes transmission by 48%, and that’s significant. Other Herpes antivirals such as Acyclovir and Famciclovir are also potential enough in preventing herpes transmission. Antiviral compounds as mentioned above benefit at preventing herpes transmission. They are also widely used for the management of herpes simplex infection, otherwise known as HSV.

What To Do If You Are Susceptible to Human Herpes Virus

If you are susceptible to the herpes virus, this means you might have got some signs that have created doubts in your mind. What are those signs, we don’t know? You can check Herpes Symptoms and Signs to get a clear picture of your herpes status. There is another way that can help you assess whether you are herpes host or not, get yourself examined. See Major Herpes Tests Available to diagnose herpes infection.

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