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These Celebrities are the Part of 3.7 Billion Herpes Family, “Yes They Are” You are Not Alone

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  • The document revealed that Usher has antibodies to herpes since 2009.
  • In 90s Robin Williams had to pay his ex $6.2 million for the settlement of the Lawsuit.
  • Shellie Smith says to DailyMail Uk, “I am certain that I caught the disease from Jackson as he was my only partner.”

Herpes Infection is thought to be a significant health concern not only to the general public but for renowned celebrities too. Exposure to Herpes is a delicate matter; hence, celebrities keep it in a top-secret box. They prefer not to reveal such sensitive information to the public. For that being the reason they don’t accept having Herpes.

they are living with herpes.

On the other hand, some celebrities with herpes are courageous enough to accept it in society. They tell the truth about their health condition.

Tittle tattle over the internet confirms that most celebrities exposed to Herpes while performing sexual activities. Herpes virus uncannily passes through sexual intercourse, kissing and involving in love making.

Here in this content, we are incorporating a listicle of celebrities with Herpes whose lives might be influenced by the Human Herpes Virus.

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Celebrities With Herpes- Usher Raymond IV

Usher is an American celebrity recognized for his exceptional talent in Music. He is an R&B singer and has millions of fans all over the world. He owns eight Grammy award and eighteen Billboard Music Award in his pocket.

Does Usher Has Herpes?

A secret data leaked online in 2017 has completely changed the life of Usher.

The document revealed that Usher has antibodies to herpes since 2009.

With this disclosure, Usher also came into the Que of celebrities with herpes. The revelation was shocking to fans and the entire world. How did Usher develop antibodies to Herpes is currently not known.

Since the disclosure of the data, Usher faced several legal actions.

Many of his sexual partners sued him for monetary settlement in the court.

Laura Helm presented Usher as a culprit for giving her herpes. Initially, she asked Usher to pay 10 million dollars as compensation by filing a legal notice. Later on, she doubled the compensation amount to $20 million because the diagnosis confirmed the presence of herpes simplex virus in Laura Helm.

Usher Herpes Lawsuit
Usher Herpes Lawsuit

Now the news is coming that Laura Helm dismissed the Lawsuit which she filed against Usher. They mutually (Usher and Laura Helm) find an amicable resolution.

Usher also settled a lawsuit for $1.1 millions in 2012. Maya Fox-Davis asked Usher to deposit the hospital bill worth $2,754.40.

Celebrities With Herpes- Jessica Alba

It is not confirmed but suspected that Jessica Alba might be a celebrity who is holding herpes antibodies in her body. The matter is suspicious because no hard evidence is presently supporting Alba’s herpes theory.

However, the suspicion that Jessica Alba has Herpes get stronger when a former Jessica Alba’s assistant disclosed some words.

According to her assistant, the doctor used to refill the Valtrex (A prominent Herpes Antiviral) for Jessica Alba.

There is a theory behind how Jessica Alba get the herpes strain. According to some sources, a baseball star Derek Jeter is said to be the culprit. He dated Jessica Alba, and this relationship caused a devastating outcome for Jessica Alba.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams is not alive today, but his contribution to comedy will always be remembered. He was a prominent star who gave millions a reason to laugh.

He is also representing the list of celebrities with herpes.

Like Usher Herpes Lawsuit, A herpes lawsuit was also filed against Robin Williams by his Ex. Michelle Tish Carter, Who filed the Lawsuit, claimed that Robin Williams deliberately infected her with the Human herpes virus.

In 90s Robin Williams had to pay his ex $6.2 million for the settlement of the Lawsuit.

However, records say that Robin Williams never accepted that he is a carrier of herpes strain.

Michael Jackson

Micheal Jackson might not ever have herpes strain. But, Shellie Smith has recriminated Micheal Jackson that he certainly contaminated her with herpes Strain. The claim came after Micheal Jackson deceased. She filed a lawsuit against Micheal Jackson’s Estate and demanded medical expenses and compensation $10 million for her sufferings.

Shellie Smith says to DailyMail Uk, “I am certain that I caught the disease from Jackson as he was my only partner.”

She also asserted that even the decedent knew I have blisters on my body, he continued physical relation with me.

However, the court rejected all claims made by Shellie Smith.

Scarlett Johansson

Either she never got herpes strain, or if she does, she is just suppressing the virus by antivirals.

Scarlett Johansson suspected to herpes virus since long. Although she never accepted it. According to rumors, Derek Jeter is the man who gave her herpes.

Different internet sources are claiming that she recovered from herpes. But, till now, the Cure for Herpes is at bay and need to be discovered. Hence, saying that Scarlett Johansson healed from Herpes is altogether a false notion.

Either she never got herpes strain, or if she does, she is just suppressing the virus by antivirals.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar is a Pakistani fast bowler who has a world record under his belt of bowling the fasted bowl 161.3kph. When the ICC T20 World Cup 2009 preparation was on its peak, in an unprecedented move, the Pakistan Cricket Board unnecessarily made a statement which astounded the cricketing world. In its move, the PCB stated that:

The medical board has reported that Shoaib Akhtar was suffering from genital viral warts and the wound needs further care and treatment for another 10 days.


The PCB move humiliated Shoaib Akhtar in wake of the world and also withdrawn his name from the initial squad of T20 world cup. The diagnosis of warts changed the life of this player forever. It is believed that the animosity with Intikhab Alam cost him his place in the squad.

Intikhab Alam didn’t much like Akhtar and was sick of Shoaib’s behaviour and wanted to settle the old score. In rage of that, Intikhab Alam made it in public domain that Shoaib would not be considered in the T20 world cup squad following the diagnosis of Genital Warts.

The PCB also revealed that

Electrofulguration is a treatment that sounds more like the kind of torture designed to break particularly stubborn prisoners who laugh in the face of waterboarding, but involves nothing more sinister than having an instrument, not unlike a cattle-prod held close enough to one’s manhood for the sparks it generates to desiccate any unwanted lesions.

Intikhab Alam


Herpes is way more contagious than we can imagine. You may not even know the moment you get the virus. Most of the time, viral shedding cause transmission of Herpes Strain, a study found.

Celebrities with herpes can easily cause the contamination as they got all the resources to shed the herpes virus. They are financially sound. Hence, they might be following potent antivirals regimen to hide the reality that they have herpes strain.

Knowingly affecting an individual with herpes may put you in deep trouble. An infected person can file a lawsuit against you, and if the allegation proved in the jurisdiction, you would be screwed. Many celebrities with herpes have been sued so far in herpes case. So be precocious be safe in your life.

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