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Herpes Diet

Don’t Let Herpes Activate In You: Foods to Avoid With Herpes

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  • Certain foods (especially foods high in Arginine) fuel-up the Human Herpes Simplex Virus.
  • One cup of Peanuts delivers about 4.6 grams of Arginine, whereas serving 1 cup of almonds bless you with 3.5 gm of Arginine.
  • Soybeans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Pigeon Peas, Alfalfa, Broadbeans, and Cowpeas, are somewhat high sources of Arginine.

One day in the morning with having cold sores on the mouth, looking at the mirror, Linda questioned herself how to preclude the arbitrariness of the Human Herpes Virus. In search of the answer, she decided to research by taking the help of trusted web references and health care professionals. During that time frame, she learned umpteen ways to keep herpes flare-ups at bay.

Most importantly, Linda learned the apparent connection between the diet and herpes eruption. She came to know that certain foods (especially foods high in Arginine) fuel-up the Human Herpes Simplex Virus. She also acknowledged that some fares might undermine the immune system function, which can appear in frequent herpes eruptions.

Like Linda, millions of herpes victims are in desperate need of what to eat & what not to eat with the Human Herpes Virus. We have a specific article that contains the listicle of what to eat with herpes infection. The Lost Art of Effective Herpes Diet Re-Planned in Mid 2019 will help you find the Herpes friendly diet.

As far as the question of food that is to be avoided with Herpes, a range of meals you might not want in your herpes diet plan. Following is the list of foods to avoid with Herpes Simplex.

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High Arginine Foods | Foods To Avoid With Herpes

An essential amino acid, Arginine, has a range of beneficial effects on the human body, especially on the heart. Arginine can help to obtain an improved flow of blood. This Amino acid transforms itself into Nitric Oxide, which relaxes blood vessels. Thus, it can hinder circulatory disease and heart complications.

It would be best for you to restrain from foods high in arginine.

The flip side of Arginine is dark, as it alters its noble effects in the presence of the Herpes Virus. It turns into the evil that feeds the herpes virus and stimulates them to cause cold sores. Dozens of statements were published claiming that high intake of Arginine increases HSV outbreak instances by manifolds.

We (Herpes Cure Care) examined dozens of studies over that matter, and nearly all studies have to say the same thing; Arginine can make herpes recurrence worse.

In the year 1964, Tankersley expressed that DNA strain like herpes virus requires Arginine to make its DNA. Tankersley found that the prohibition of Arginine causes the termination of viral proliferation and cytotoxic effects. The very same thing asserted by Sharon in 1966.

Hence, Herpes victims have ample reasons to cut Arginine rich sources from their herpes diet. Let’s look at foods to avoid with Herpes, including foods rich in Arginine.

Certain Types of Nuts to Avoid with Herpes

Many nuts can cause a significant rise in herpes recurrence as they are rich sources of Arginine. The U.S department of agriculture calculated 1130 mg of Arginine in a one-quarter cup serving of black walnut.

One cup of Peanuts delivers about 4.6 grams of Arginine, whereas serving 1 cup of almonds bless you with 3.5 gm of Arginine.

Pine nuts are a significant source of Arginine, delivering 815 mg per quarter. Hazelnuts, Cashew Nuts, Pistachios, Hickory nuts, Pecans, and Brazil nuts are some Arginine foods to avoid with Herpes.

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Avoid Following Seeds If You Have Herpes

Some seeds seem highly concentrated with L-Arginine, and its absorption stimulates herpes strain that causes prompt liveliness of Herpes.

Pumpkin seed is a super source to get the essential amino acid L-Arginine. But this super healthy food needs not to be in your herpes diet plan.

Around 7 grams of Arginine is what 1 cup of Pumpkin seeds give. With this very high amount of L-Arginine, it becomes super unhealthy food for Herpes Patients.

One hundred grams of sunflower seeds possess about 2.4 grams of Arginine, whereas one cup of Squash seeds nearly delivers 7 grams of this Amino Acids.

Cotton seeds also carry Arginine in abundant, making it easy to stimulate herpes recurrence.

The takeaway note is; most of the seeds contain some amount of Arginine, use them cautiously.

Legumes- Foods to Avoid with Herpes

What about Legumes? Are They high in L-arginine?

Yes, Certain Legumes are not Herpes friendly, containing plentiful of herpes feeding amino acid, L-Arginine. Whereas, there are other legumes which are high in lysine as compared to arginine ratio.

Soybeans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Pigeon Peas, Alfalfa, Broadbeans, and Cowpeas, are somewhat high sources of Arginine. One cup of Soybeans assimilate about 5.3 grams, and chickpeas serve 3.9 grams of Arginine.

Lentils are a slightly low source of Arginine comparing to Soybeans and Chickpeas. It may deliver 1.3 grams to 1.5 grams of Arginine per serving. Pigeon peas sufficiently blessed with Arginine offering 2.6 grams per cup. Hence, avoiding legumes may help prevent herpes recurrence.

Meat Including Poultry

Flesh items, including poultry products, could severely raise your intake of L-arginine. White meat offers a significant amount of amino acids inclusive of Arginine. The flesh of turkey, especially the breast, typically counts for 16 to 17 grams Arginine.

Chicken is ordinarily preferred as white meat, but herpes patients are cautious as it holds about 2.8 grams of Arginine per cup serving. Pork and beef are other high sources of L-arginine that can be tagged foods to avoid with herpes infection.

Certain fish also possess high Arginines like tuna, salmon, and mackerel. A plant-based source, Seaweeds, that stay in the deep sea contains 4.64 grams Amino acid per serving. Adding more to it, Spirulina is another sea source containing nearly 4.6 grams of Arginine per cup.

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If you happened to be a herpes patient, it could detrimentally affect your herpes sufferings. It contains Arginine in abundance. Hence, it’s better to forget the taste of it.

Despite the foods mentioned above, high in L-arginine, one can still choose to eat them. However, there is a condition, ask your physician first whether or not you can eat them. Some of the foods, as mentioned above, contain a significant amount of L-Lysine that may your physician allows you to consume.

L-Arginine is not an only nourisher of Herpes strain, and there are other foods to avoid with herpes infection. The listicle is below.

Immune Depleting Diet

To restrain herpes recurrence, Immunity has a pivotal role. It keeps curbing herpes viral proliferation, builds internal strength, and increase endurance towards Herpes.

Hence, the pursuit of an Immune friendly diet holds credibility. Herpes patients need not consume unhealthy foods, especially processed ones. Fast and Junk foods are a big enemy of the immune system.

Pizza, Burger, French Fries, Cold drinks, and Sugary beverages are fine to consume occasionally.

Intake in access, however, can cause depletion of the immune system. Caffeinated and alcohol-based drinks may also destroy immune-supporting cells that may eventually make you prone to herpes sickness.


The fact is, the complete elimination of herpes infection is not feasible; hence, a definite action requires to keep herpes strain dormant. The diet you opt for often decides how you are going to tackle herpes infection.

Opting an unhealthy food, especially in herpes case, let herpes virus feed itself. Additionally, it causes the depletion in Immunity that allows herpes virus to take over Immunity.

A healthy diet includes foods high in Lysine and low in Arginine, keeps Herpes in check.

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