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Prunella Vulgaris

Prunella Vulgaris

Prunella vulgaris when administered into mice and pigs exhibited great positive outcome against herpes infections.

Lignin-carbohydrate, a compound found in Prunella vulgaris was incorporated into a cream and tested out on mice and pigs.

The test offered a great deal of reduction in skin lesions caused due to herpes virus.

The new anti-herpes drug has induced positivity in patients with herpes virus.

Prunella Vulgaris is commonly found in Asia, Europe and North America.

If you have been taking acyclovir or similar drug for quit a some time now, the possibilities of antiviral resistance may have increased.

What Prunella Vulgaris will do is that antiviral resistance strain of HSV1 will be reduced significantly.

Therefore, if you are resistance to antivirals, Prunella vulgaris may help you attain ability to outperform the antiviral resistance.

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