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Alternative Herpes Treatment

Alternative Herpes Treatment: A Modern Need For Herpes Remedy

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Alternative Herpes Treatment
Alternative Herpes Treatment
  • The excess uses of Acyclovir, Valtrex and Zovirax, have revealed dozens of threats.
  • High dependency and long-term consumption of Acyclovir or Valacyclovir enable herpes strain to stop reacting to them.
  • In a vast number of cases, prolonged use of herpes antivirals severely affects renal function.

Herpes infection is manageable with different treatment efforts; the mainstream treatment still revolves around antivirals.

The excess uses of Acyclovir, Valtrex and Zovirax, have revealed dozens of threats.

The use of these medications adversely affects several body parts — moreover, the drug-resistant Herpes creating new challenges in the management and treatment of HSV.

Some Important Concepts About Alternative Herpes Treatment

We have accumulated figures on the safety of herpes antivirals.

The data suggest that the aforementioned intravenous antivirals are lying several dangers for humanity.

Renal failure, Hepatitis, and Anaphylaxis are only a few threats that may be hiding right under your nose. 

Herpes infection is ubiquitous on earth and represents a multitude of clinical features. Once entered into the body, the eradication of this sickness is not in the hands of humanity. Still, people are fighting from this pesky malady to ease the scourge it exhibits.

The disease has its roots in ancient times, perhaps back to classical Greece era. Since then, people are arduously trying to deal with different forms of herpes diseases. 

With the passing time, people have established a few treatment systems to defeat herpes strain. Some of them evolved as an alternative herpes treatment, and some tend to be mainstream.

If I am not wrong, some people consider treating herpes at Home through Home remedies. Some people don’t give preference to Herpes Home remedies; instead, they use antiviral therapy. Some individuals may incline towards Alternative Herpes Treatment trajectory. Or maybe, people are using other conventional methods of herpes management.

Why Is Alternative Herpes Treatment A Need Of Modern Era?

Indisputably, sticking to a proper antiviral regimen, offers unmatched comfort from herpes scourge and not allow herpes strain to cause subsequent outbreaks. However, this is only a side of Antivirals.

The flip side of herpes antivirals is lying several threats.

The following listicle will help you explore the significant dangers of using Herpes Antivirals. It may potentially make you understand why alternative herpes treatment is a need of the present era.

Herpes Virus May Start To Resist Antivirals 

Assume a situation where one day you find that your stocked herpes antivirals are not doing anything against herpes infection. It is sure a dreaded circumstance to deal with. It might be beyond your imagination, but, drug resistance has come up like a nightmare for some herpes victims. 

Today, antivirals are being aggressively used against Herpes strain without knowing that they can gradually become used to it. High dependency and long-term consumption of Acyclovir or Valacyclovir enable herpes strain to stop reacting to them. 

A data estimates 5% prevalence rate in patients with immunocompromised patients, which further bounces to 30% in allogeneic bone marrow transplant patients. Mutation in DNA polymerase and thymidine kinase often induce herpes strain to be resistant to antivirals. An estimation, 95% of instances of Acyclovir resistance arises due to mutation in the TK gene. 

Among herpes patients with functioning immune response, the prevalence rate significantly gets low, between 0.1 to 0.7 percent. HIV/Aids victimized patient receives ten folds greater risk of HSV drug resistance than those with no HIV/Aids strain ( 

This issue needs to be addressed by the potential host of drug resistance, especially those with having low immunity and HIV/AIDS. 

Circumspect About Side Effects Of Toxic Antivirals

“Herpes antivirals are documented safe in most of the investigation done by healthcare professionals. The right and on time, Acyclovir dosage promote great management of herpes. Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and less frequently used Famciclovir dominantly prevent herpes recurrence and heal cold sores faster.”

Everyone notices above facts about Herpes antivirals but rarely host’s attention goes to its toxicity. Like antivirals are documented effective in herpes management, the side effects are also well documented.

#1 Neurotoxicity

From the start of the Acyclovir and Valacyclovir dosing regimen, the body starts receiving toxins. Long term accumulation of toxins may cause umpteen adverse effects. Neurotoxicity may present if Acyclovir administered for long or overdose present. 

Confusion, Irritability, Hallucination, Tremor, Ataxia, and Muscle Jerk are collective entities that onset if neurons get toxic. Headache is a common side effect that involves the central nervous system (CNS). 

In some instances, aggressive behavior noticed as a response of neurotoxicity. 

Neurotoxicity occurs typically within 72 hours of drug administration and may resolve within 4 to 5 days after treatment ends. 

#2 Nephrotoxicity

Nephrotoxicity is a term that defines the toxicity of Kidney. It can happen for dozens of reasons, including the heavy use of herpes suppressive antivirals. Failure of Kidney is atypical with Valacyclovir or other herpes antivirals, but the rare instances are reported. Acute interstitial nephritis is an injury of the kidney that disrupts the function of renal. 

“In a vast number of cases, prolonged use of herpes antivirals severely affects renal function. For this reason, proper monitoring of renal function becomes imperative.” These words are of Dr. Catalina, An Ohio Based M.D., and a researcher. 

#3 Neutropenia

An extremely rare side effect but may induce by some antivirals like Acyclovir and Valtrex.  Neutrophils are white blood cells that are designed to tackle all sorts of infections. For many reasons, Neutrophils can deplete. Herpes antivirals can be one of those reasons that destruct Neutrophils and cause Neutropenia.

#4 Antivirals Can Deteriorate Immunity

The inhibitory action of herpes antivirals prevents herpes virus from reproducing. It also has a mechanism to kill herpes strain. In the context of executing the herpes virus, the inhibitory action and killing mechanism are noble effects. 

However, the problem arises when these features of antivirals also destroy immune cells.

They weaken your immune response by inhibiting the growth of immune-supporting cells.

Other Adverse Effects

You can expect to have more side effects if you are taking Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir. Malaise, Faintness, Depression, Throat Irritation, Nausea, and Rashes may exhibit some problems during medication. 

Irregular heart rate, breathing difficulties, altered vision, an allergic reaction, and easy bruising don’t occur frequently. 

Antiviral Medication Induces Financial Burden- Alternative Herpes Treatment

It is well established that herpes is not a curable entity. Throughout life, it comes and goes on regular intervals. Every time it causes an outbreak, it turns into the economic burden. People spent a large number of salary amount in treating their scourge. 

The calculation of accurate economic burden is next to impossible, though, the number seems to be significant. If we go back to the year 2000, the estimated financial weight due to herpes medical expenses was evaluated at 1.8 billion US dollars. And by 2025, the predicted economic burden was estimated at 2.7 billion.

Do Quitting Herpes Antivirals Solve The Problem?

Well, the question is a bit complicated to answer. If you are up with severe herpes outbreak, it becomes compulsory to use Herpes antivirals. However, you can use alternative herpes treatment and antivirals simultaneously to outsmart this cutaneous infection. Both together will heal your cold sore and wound effectively.

[su_quote]The necessity of antivirals in the treatment of herpes disease will never be irrelevant unless your immune system effectively tackles herpes strain.[/su_quote]

You may be knowing that herpes infections tend to be milder with passing the time. Herpes Cure Care team thinks it is a weak point of Herpes infection. What we need to do is counter-attacking herpes virus by taking steps to heal up the immune system. Scientific data suggests that people who have a robust immune system can effectively prevent herpes outbreaks (Source: NCBI). 

An Initiative By the Herpes Cure Care Team- Alternative Herpes Treatment

Herpes Cure Care Initiative
Herpes Cure Care Initiative

We are starting a new section on our site where only scientifically approved data on alternative herpes treatment will be provided. You will get to know how important a healthy lifestyle is to prevent herpes outbreaks. What are the things responsible for making the immune system strong. You will also know about herbs that exhibited promising antiviral effects. 

Not only the information as mentioned above but all other information that potentially beneficial in treating such infection, you will get here. Therefore, be rest assured that we are also fighting the herpes virus in consonance with you.

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