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Coachella Herpes Outbreak- Learn the Truth In Next 3 Minutes

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  • Coachella Valley is a place in the Colorado Desert of California.
  • At Music festival, in a day or two, the increased number of herpes cases stunned the world.
  • Jose Arballo, an official at Riverside Department of Public Health, said to Billboard that his agency did not get the solid evidence of such outbreak.

Coachella Valley is a place in the Colorado Desert of California where a traditional social gathering reflects its presence as a part of the music festival in April each year. The Festival officially known as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and is known locally as Coachella or Coachella Festival. The Incident spiked at this location and so has termed as “Coachella Herpes Outbreak.”

It may look a perfect zombie movie script. People gather for fun and on the spur of the moment, the group taken over by zombies. The claimed Coachella Herpes Outbreak seems to have the same traces. At Music festival, in a day or two, the increased number of herpes cases stunned the world. Today our focus would be to telling you the truth behind the outbreak. We also will try to apprehend the core of the incident.

Coachella Music Festival
Coachella Music Festival

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Let’s get started.

HerpAlert Claim on Coachella Herpes Outbreak

HerpAlert, the source of the Coachella Herpes Outbreak claimed that there had been a mass outbreak of Herpes Infection. Almost 250 festive attendees may have infected. HerpAlert is an online platform for diagnosing and treating herpes patients.

They affirmed that they tallied up to 250 cases per day of Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes combined. In comparison to 12 cases that it usually tally at any given day. HerpAlert also informed 1105 instances that it has registered for the diagnosis of either Herpes Virus 1 or HSV 2.

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, medical director at HerpAlert, asserted all the assertions mentioned above.

What Exactly Might Have Happened at Ground Zero

There is no evidence of the outbreak provided by HerpAlert until the very second when we were writing this piece of content. Many news agencies breathlessly started publishing the possible hoax about Coachella Herpes Outbreak.

The speculations are airing over the internet and so has the social media flooded with might and might not.

The truth is Coachella Music Festival welcomed as much as 250,000 music and art lovers. They were from across California, Indio, Palm Desert and other provinces on 12-14 April. Such a mass gathering at the festive may have brought hundreds of Herpes Patients at the Ground Zoro. HerpAlert also later explained that all the patients were not new.

The possibilities of a few herpes outcomes can’t be denied because many of the new couples may have indulged in the intimacy. The sharing of contagious articles, food, beverages, and many more may also trigger the outbreak.

The Observation of Billboard over the Matter

The Riverside Department of Public Health, California, however, confirmed that HerpAlert had provided no substantial evidence over the matter. No evidence from HerpAlert clears the dark shades that no such outbreak took place in the festival.

Jose Arballo, an official at Riverside Department of Public Health, said to Billboard that his agency did not get the solid evidence of such outbreak. The department even reached out to the lab of HerpAlert in pursuit of clear evidence, but they didn’t see any.

Though, the Riverside Department of Public Health is also not entirely sure of the outbreak has affected the said number of people at the festival.

Los Angels Country Department of Health has the same view as to that of Riverside Department. They also are denying the claim made by HerpAlert. They did not see any surge in herpes outbreak.

It might be possible that folks were wanted to make sure of their herpes profile just before attending the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Why Scientifically is Coachella Herpes Outbreak just a hoax?

Herpes is rife in the world with an estimated figure of over 85% world population dealing with this notorious virus. When someone exposes to the herpes virus, the symptoms don’t manifest as soon as the HerpAlert declared to have over 250 herpes patients in a single day. The symptoms of Herpes Virus Usually onset after 24 to 48 hours if the virus is too aggressive.
After the exposure to the herpes virus, it usually takes 4 to 5 days and even weeks to manifest visible symptoms on the body.

With this in mind, the festive started on 12th of April and the same day 250 new herpes cases claimed by the online herpes treatment website.
The puzzle is not yielding the solution if we are to believe the scientific facts.


What we have learned so far about Coachella Herpes Outbreak is that we exactly don’t know what had in the picture on 12 to 14 April. We just are speculating the incident which might or might not have occurred.

If it had occurred, the government and other health organizations should look over the matter. They should scrutinize the claim made by HerpAlert, and if it’s true, the necessary action should be taken by the government.

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