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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Herpetic Whitlow

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  • The recurrent instances of an infection on the upper forefinger and thumb could be a sign of herpes simplex virus invasion.
  • Having antibodies to herpes infection itself leaves out several questions behind to be answered.
  • Herpes Whitlow is self-limited; therefore, we can outsmart it indisputably.

The recurrent instances of an infection on the upper forefinger and thumb could be a sign of herpes simplex virus invasion. Caused by Either HSV1 or HSV2, the disease of your finger can be termed as herpetic whitlow. It is an acute infection on your hand, which specifically targets the distal site of your finger.

Herpes virus is notorious and is capable of causing various range herpes infections, and Herpetic Whitlow is not an exception to it. The onset of Herpetic finger typically incorporates complexities that are often hard to bear. The Prodrome of Herpes Whitlow consists of an intense Pain followed by tons of other misery.

Having antibodies to herpes infection itself leaves out several questions behind to be answered. Those unanswered questions often convert into myriads of psychological complaints, from anxiety to depression and from stress to suicidal. Your brain also starts observing the signals of several physical sufferings simultaneously.

If you are in the same boat mentioned above, don’t panic.

We are writing this post because we have a better observation of Herpetic Whitlow. Herpes Cure Care team has contacted several patients with herpes infection on the finger to gain a better perspective on today’s topic. We selected only those people who had an active outbreak. We spent nearly one week for every patient by keeping Hygiene on Priority.

Things we have observed in this period are the following

  • The nature of herpes whitlow Finger
  • Herpetic Whitlow Symptoms
  • The life quality of Patients
  • How do they approach to the infection
  • The Antivirals they used to treat an infected finger

We are approaching to assimilate all possible aspects regarding herpetic whitlow finger that we have learned during the meeting of those people. We will also incorporate some of the utmost and effective whitlow treatment.

Understanding Little More About Herpetic Whitlow Finger

Herpetic Whitlow has a straight connection to HSV1 and HSV2. Hence it is transmissible. The transmission occurs explicitly to health care providers via the exposure to herpes virus through the oral mucosa. It is also common in infants who take their hand in mouth exposed to herpes simplex virus.

The recurrent instances of an infection on the upper forefinger and thumb could be a sign of herpes simplex virus invasion.

Infected finger by herpes is not a common herpes infection; it happens rarely.

A post published on NCBI has defined the prevalence of whitlow Infection. The source NCBI says, only two to three instances of herpetic whitlow occur per 100000 herpes cases.

Herpetic Whitlow Toe is another rare infection capable of manifesting numerous painful complaints on the affected site.

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 is not the only cause of infected finger, paronychia, and Bacterial felon are also to be the part of your deteriorating finger. Therefore, Herpetic Whitlow finger most of the time misunderstood for paronychia and Bacterial felon.

How Herpes Virus Transmits

Herpes Virus can find manifold ways to go deep into your C cell membrane. It is a DNA Virus capable of reigning your DNA to an extent level.

You might have seen children sucking up their thumb or fingers. If a child is seropositive to HSV1, the herpes virus intrude the finger site without any trouble.

Performing sexual activities also associated with herpes virus transmission. Sharing infected utensils, direct exposure to cold sore and shaking hand with herpetic whitlow patient potentially increase the risk.

Herpetic Whitlow Symptoms | Incubation of Symptoms: Herpetic Whitlow

The Symptoms of Herpes Infection do not manifest instantly. It may occur 3-20 days after the exposure to Herpes Simplex Virus.

A herpetic Whitlow patient may force to deal with manifold symptoms. Those symptoms are following.

The prodrome of herpetic whitlow often initiates with intense pain along with itchiness. The redness of finger is also a common sign.

It may also exhibit swelling around your infected finger, accompanied by fever.

Your infected finger may also experience burn and tingling sensation before the prodrome of Symptoms.

Blisters are seen in response to severe Herpetic Whitlow. It is rare to develop swollen lymph node.

Elements That Can Aggravate The Recurrence Of Herpetic Whitlow Symptoms

The recrudescence of herpetic Whitlow Symptoms may have a connection to a broad range of factors. However, the following relationship is not scientifically verified, but, experts do believe the connection between them.

Scientists have an idea that element like psychological disorders may help herpes virus activate. Long term stress, anxiety, and depression could be associated factors that can provoke herpetic whitlow symptoms.

In some cases, the common cold observed as an element of the aggravating factor of such an outbreak.

According to a senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Maria R. Chapman,
“Herpes Infection occasionally becomes sensitive to Hormonal Imbalance. Hence, during menses, a woman is more prone to develop infected finger associated with herpetic whitlow.”

When there is strong sunlight, avoiding the sunlight could be the best practice to eliminate the aggravating factor. Strong sunlight exposure may leave you with an infected finger.

An Ohio based General Physician marks immune system a culprit cause of provoking symptoms. He told us, weak immunity doesn’t resist herpes virus; hence, it overrides protection resulting in symptoms exhibition.

The Life-Quality Of Herpes Patients | Seven Days Experience With Herpetic Whitlow Sufferers

Our team visited different locations to experience the life quality of herpes sufferers. We met Alyssa, an Afro-American at Colorado. She has been dealing with herpetic whitlow infection for such a long time. We contacted her to be a part of her herpes journey, and she agreed. Like Alyssa, we also met Nathan At Ohio, Amaya at NYC, Jalen at Virginia, Xavier at Boston and so on.

Herpetic whitlow typically is not a kind of infection that bother much, Alyssa said. She also added, “the life quality is not usually a matter of concern as herpetic whitlow is self-limited and gets healed within 14-28 days.” However, the prodrome often painful that may be accompanied with irritating Itching Sensation.

Initially, Alyssa found it hard to deal with such infection, but with the passing time, she learned what to do for the betterment of herpetic whitlow symptoms. For Alyssa, life is not that complicated as it seemed way back.

Another Herpes Whitlow Case

Nathan at Virginia has an entirely different experience in regards to herpes whitlow. We noticed Nathan a more severe herpes whitlow infection than Alyssa. He had intense pain and a filthy looking infected finger, appearing blisters.

He told us that every time he experiences Symptoms, he has to go through several afflictions. Intense pain makes his survival more difficult.

He was looking like a mentally disturbed personality. Herpes Cure care team talked to Nathan and provided a to-do list for tackling herpes virus. We hope it will assist him in ameliorating herpes symptoms.

We observed aforementioned real cases, where one had mild herpetic symptoms but another experienced acute herpes whitlow symptoms. What does this indicate?

This tries to make us understand that herpes virus affects people differently. The same herpes virus never causes the infected finger to a person, but for another, it can cause unbearable complexities.

Herpetic Whitlow Treatment | How To Manage Herpes Whitlow

For the Finger infection, the treatment may or may not require. If in case the treatment process is necessary; the procedure may consist of two things.

First, preventing the further progression of such infection (Primary Infection To Secondary Infection)
Second, assimilating the symptomatic relief

During our visit, Herpes Cure Care Team contacted a local Indian-American Physician Dr. K.C Tyagi at Virginia.

He told us, “Herpes Whitlow is self-limited; therefore, we can outsmart it indisputably.” He also added, “Occasionally you may require finger infection treatment. A weak immune system, HIV and other diseases that cause feeble immunity are mainly responsible for acquiring herpetic whitlow treatment.”

Valacyclovir, Acyclovir, and Antiviral ointments are effective at herpes whitlow management in immunocompromised patients. With the proper use of mentioned antivirals, one can successfully heal sufferings within 2-4 weeks. It takes about 14 days to resolve the pain, and remaining issues gradually diminish after that. Studies quoted that antivirals mentioned above, can cut the span of symptoms by up to 4 days.

Data suggests that the commencement of treatment right after the appearance of prodrome is vital. It helps the patient heal lesion faster.

Suppressive therapy may be a choice of treatment for recurrent herpes whitlow.

Viral shedding may be present until the dermal layer of the skin completely healed.

The Importance of Herpetic Whitlow Natural Treatment | Does This Work

It is always a matter of discussion, whether opting out a Natural Treatment works for herpes or it only has a placebo effect. No scientific evidence supports home remedies to whitlow or herpetic whitlow natural treatment. Even though it has no scientific evidence, patients found it useful in the management of herpes whitlow.

For example, we visited several herpes patient’s homes, and we saw them using natural herpetic whitlow treatment and antivirals simultaneously. They claim that applying the cold compressor several times a day not only decreases the pain but, all other issues too.

We also found patients applying a strong antiviral element called Garlic. It is the most commonly used home remedy for herpetic whitlow. Some studies have partial evidence favoring garlic as a potent antiviral against herpesvirus. Further studies need to be done to get conclusive proof.

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